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  1. CrackiN

    Stolen Dirt Bikes

    The truth hurts...Just wish the racist crap stirrers around here would focus on the problem instead of crying because of the complaints.... I had to laugh when I heard the question from quanell X....Why is it that 90% of the people getting tazed are minority?....Stupid question.
  2. Thanks INGEAR...I pulled the rocker arm and ground off the tab and disabled the decompression system completely....I got the bike started and I am not sure how or what changed but it runs....Still hard to start but I think the starter is dragging and not turning the motor fast enough...I have a used starter on the way so we will see if that makes a difference...Thanks for the input.......
  3. CrackiN

    XR200 Running Rough

    XR-rated the problem he is having is with the pulse generator/pickupcoil...It should be the same for the two bikes....
  4. CrackiN

    XR200 Running Rough

    If the ohms are out of spec on the pulse generator you may be getting a weak spark which would cause the plug to load up with gas and run crappy....Pull the plug and see if you are getting a good spark..Should be blue.
  5. CrackiN

    XR200 Running Rough

    If it is idling rich then you have a problem with the pilot jet....It might be too big..or the air screw might need some tuning. It will make the bike hard to start and run rough from 0-1/3 throttle...Something is not allowing enough air or too much gas to flow through the motor...Did he by chance put the baffle/sparkarrested back in or some how block the air box intake?
  6. Thanks for the reply HawkGT...That all makes sense...That matches everything the manual said and confirms what I thought it said....Carb is an new Edelbrock...I even tried it with the stock carb and got the same results....The gas is not fresh...Could it be that simple?
  7. This motor was just torn down and put back together and it won't start..The timing marks on the cam sprocket line up with the head when at TDC......Is it possible that the auto-decompression system is 180 deg out? Is it possible that the cam is 180 deg out? I have fire...It pops every rev but won't run...
  8. CrackiN

    Got to love guys like this!!!

    damn is not God's last name and next time have some respect and capitalize the G...Thanks...
  9. CrackiN

    Story of Stupidity

    Maybe you shouldn't crank it in the garage...I think the fumes are taking a toll....
  10. CrackiN

    I called XR’s Only

    I mean come on....How many ways can it be said....There are 16 pages of posts on this subject...I really don't care where you buy from and I have never bought from XR's Only so I really don't even have an opinion wbout thembut, it sure did get a rise outta the 2 of you....Get back to work the two of you. P.S. EMathy...I'm going to report the "apesh!t and &%$#@! comments to your Mom also.... You're gonna be in big trouble young man....Let the thread die already...
  11. CrackiN

    I called XR’s Only

    Employee or not I am still calling your Mom.... I takes a real moron to continue using a mail order company that gets 70% of the orders wrong...I could understand if the part absolutely can not be found anywhere else but other than that it is just stupid to continue to gamble...You'll be on here crying soon enough....I guess some people just have to learn the hard way....
  12. CrackiN

    I called XR’s Only

    It's unfortunate that so many people have had problems dealing with XR's ONLY. My personal experience thus far has been good, and I'll continue to deal with them until I have a problem. No reason not too. All I can say is if my group is getting screwed by someone or some company I will pull my support until something is done....You are welcome to continue your support of XR's Only but I would doubt that you will get very much support from this group. The question is not IF you are going to get screwed, it is WHEN....I think the purpose of this thread is to help this group find dependable parts and service...Xr's Only does not meet that requirement and from what I have seen they are doing nothing to change the situation at this time....If and when they do change I am sure we will all begin to use them again but, we will still be loyal to the suppliers that are taking care of us now...XRs Only will be an after thought....We don't need them, they need us...
  13. CrackiN

    I called XR’s Only

    What a pottie mouth...I'm calling your Mom
  14. CrackiN

    I called XR’s Only

    Looks like XR's Only has some employees planting positive posts to try to repair thier reputation....Too funny
  15. CrackiN

    rear shock campatibility

    I guess there is a difference between fitting and working....I have a 94 XR650L shock on my 86 XL600R frame...Did it fit...NO....Did I make it work....Yes