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  1. juicedstang999

    What is the best steering damper?

    I went with the KTM PowerParts branded one since it IS the damper recommended by them (GPR Re-labeled) slim under-bar integrated mount and could not be happier... I can still run a bar pad and adjustments on the fly are cake with the generous knob compared to the Scotts on my street bike..
  2. +1 Here.. Built in soft hooks, POSITIVE cam-lock, twice as wide as others, and swiveling carabiners.. I also run the KTM powerparts cam locks and the only issue with them compared to the ProTaper is the carabiners don't swivel but both are quality items and have lasted for many seasons without issue or corrosion.
  3. juicedstang999

    LHRB Question

    I have the Rekluse & their LHRB on my KTM mountain goat only and I don't know how I rode without it for almost 30 years... I think it's easier on the slimy technical and off camber situations. Unless your balance sucks and you constantly have to dab, your feet never have to leave the pegs. You can adjust the height of the lever and modulation of how hard or how soft you want the brake to grab just by the turn of a dial or lever right at your fingertips. Total game changer... The only thing is when you hop on your MX or street bikes you have to re-train yourself that you don't have the LHRB. Don't get me wrong , It should not be used as a crutch but as a helping tool because I also use my foot brake from time to time. Knowing how to use your brakes properly is an essential riding skill that NEEDS to be learned and should be an instant involuntary movement kind of like shifting gears and using the clutch. Just start doing easy practice drills like going slow and making alternate figure eights using your back brake without using the clutch and that will start the muscle memory needed to make it an involuntary reaction just like your left hand does on your mountain bike. But if you do decide on a LHRB the ergonomics on the rekluse is hard to beat...
  4. juicedstang999

    Hydraulic Clutch

    If you've tried every avenue already then you may need a master or slave cylinder rebuild, possibly both... You never mentioned what year/model, if it sat outside or for any length of time, or the condition/function it was in b4 the line change, or the reason to change the lines???. I had issues similar to you on an older 2013 300XC when I couldn't get my Rekluse to dial in properly and it ended up I had to rebuild the slave + master cylinders and bingo... No air and bled almost immediately. Brake fluid is hygroscopic which basically means it absorbs moisture from the air. It can also lead to corrosion over the years and swell the seals without routine maintenance/fluid flush per KTM's recommendations. I would look into that since you did disturb everything by changing the lines + flushing fresh fluid back & fourth? Just my .02...
  5. juicedstang999

    My Pop's 2019 Tm300 EN

    +1... How did your father get it in the box? There is no Tm support anywhere around CT. Can you buy it factory direct and have it shipped?
  6. juicedstang999

    2010 300XC upgraded Starter and Bendix

    That's unbelievable! I guess I'm going to have to spring for a factory KTM starter then🙄🙄🙄 The crappy thing is, my eBay special only has 30 hours on it and with the cost of that, I was already halfway to a genuine starter. I should have just bought the genuine in the first place.. Penny wise and dollar foolish as they say.. Thanks for the help
  7. juicedstang999

    2010 300XC upgraded Starter and Bendix

    Soooooo , I just got the same dreaded problem on my 300xc.... Strange, everything is new??? I have the 410w eBay starter, Anti-gravity battery, '16 Bendix and crown upgrade and it worked perfectly for the last 30hrs DEAD COLD OR HOT, it still spins the very same RPM's but now won't start, if I bump the kill switch, it will start on command. Once it's hot, it still only does it once in a while. Did you guys say it was the China starter? I have the 100w DC Trail Tech Complete Stator Kit and a factory fresh KTM wire harness that I put dielectric compound in EVERY connector so it's not a corrosion or grounding problem, It also has the SX CDI and I did swap in the stock XC for haha's and no difference. I'm a certified tech and I still cant believe the starter is pulling voltage from the CDI when cranking voltage is still above 12volts at the starter while cranking... Did anyone find a definite fix for this??? I'll eat the cost and get a genuine 410w starter from KTM if need be.. But i'm not going to start throwing hundreds at it if my 30hr old starter checks out perfectly under a load test?... Pictures are for reference from the previous owner's neglegence hence why EVERYTHING is new!!!
  8. juicedstang999

    Damn tank graphics bubbling

    Stop using gas with ethanol and your problems will magically disappear... Example... Think of all the once clear $hit brown gas tanks on Ktm's and clear 5 gallon race jugs we all have in the back of the truck, they all started clear but the ethanol oxidized the plastic and permeated much easier than non-ethanol gas (VP, Sunoco, tru-fuel, etc). Ethanol has the harming properties in it, with the presence of it gone, gas won't corrode/discolor the plastics, makes plastic less permeable, and thus making tank decals last 100x longer...
  9. juicedstang999

    Cr250 polisport conversion

  10. juicedstang999

    Honda CR250R vs Honda CRF450R

    Why is everyone saying the 2T isn't worth much? It must be the region or something but here on the east coast dudes are still fetching good money for clean smokers. I had a guy drive an hour & 1/2 from NY to CT over the fall to buy my 01 cr250 for $3400 But... I only got $2200 for my 04 crf450R???? I would keep them both if you could afford it since they both have a different place/purpose/characteristics... Just My .02
  11. juicedstang999

    Damaged Cylinder Questions

    Typical Lean Condition Failure... Your jetting is completely off/carb clogged or your crankcase is sucking air miserably somewhere... Via crank seals, center gasket, reed, base, etc... The only thing that will melt you down like that is in excess of 1200 degrees which is the point aluminum smears... Not to mention that thing was soooo lean you melted the electrode off of the plug.. Do another tear down to see what went wrong with the rebuild or there is another apparent issue rearing it's ugly head... I would also check the integrity of the crank after that major failure. I run a power-sports shop here in CT and no, I don't fix washing machines for a living...
  12. juicedstang999

    Cr250 full woods bike opinions

    Your jetting looks a bit off judging by the amount of spooge on that shorty, you might want to carry a spare plug with you at all times, probably that ill running Mikuni... Do a PWK swap with a little jetting and she will run so much more crisp, and I wouldn't trust that R.H. radiator either... The guards you want to purchase probably wouldn't fit anyway because it's so tweaked... I'm one of those 2-3 HP gain clean bike guys that you mention, but I've never left my boys stranded miles from the trucks on account of being negligent about preventive maintenance... My bike gets cleaned after every weekend not cuz it's pretty but so you can see what you broke or is about to....... It's not vanity, it's called playing it smart brother. Ride safe...
  13. juicedstang999

    Cr250 full woods bike opinions

    This was my 01 that I spent a buttload getting her into a woods scalpel and wished I just have bought my 300xc in the first place... Don't get me wrong because I kept her for almost 5 FULL seasons and loved every minute of it and been riding Honda EXCLUSIVELY for 30 years but....... I'm completely drinking the Orange KoolAid these days... FULL Factory Connection Suspension re-valving front and rear... (best mod hands down!!) Boyeseen PV spacer, reed cage spacer, 3rd gen bodywork update, Bailey replica wrap and gold rims, ASV levers, Full Boyeseen magnesium covers, 100w stator (discontinued) from Service Honda, V3 reed cage, 38mm airstriker, 12oz. FWW, Rekluse 3.0, FMF Gnarly and shorty, Full Eric Gorr massaging, 13/ 50 gearing, Head light, W/C skid plates, and Scotts damper... Hauled a$$ and went like a mountain goat when called upon just cost me WAYYY too much money to do the same thing my katoom did out of the box (save for suspension)... Just my .2... Your going to spend the same amount of money converting any old MX dedicated bike of any brand. Just depends how much you want to spend, what you intend to do with it, and how much you want to keep the bike... All personal preference
  14. juicedstang999

    How much to pay for 300 exc

    In my neck of the woods of CT, running 300's are regularly bringing $2000-$3800... I sold my 02 EXC for $2500 And recently at the end of summer, my 01 CR250 for $3500... I guess it all depends on region and supply and demand... I bought a clapped out and raced '15 300XC for $3200 in upper NJ and that bike needed a rebuild and frame off restoration... But I do my own repairs so it was worth it to me. If that was me, I would pick it up just to make a G or better on a flip...🤘
  15. juicedstang999

    Are Project Bikes Even Worth It?

    And you have a record of yours on hand?????? I know I don't have the engine numbers to ALL the bikes I have. They are not the same...