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  1. ron421

    JST at X-Games!

    gbalias Easy buddy, If you got off your computer and looked around at a supermoto event you would see JST is a big supporter in both local and AMA supermoto. And hasn't any one told you before don't kill the messanger.
  2. ron421

    Best place to buy SM wheels?

    motostrano.com is a easy place to order from and they have tons of stuff you can blow a paycheck on with reasonable prices.
  3. ron421

    Yamaha Motor builders?

    Pinit Motorsports (Steve Polk) builds a great motor. He's Located in Salinas California. Phone # 831-444-6309
  4. ron421

    Wheel size for SM Lites

    I use the 4.25 rear and 3.50 front on my crf 250 and it works very well. Also as you go bigger the more rubber you have to turn and takes more ponies.
  5. ron421

    Saw some Shinko Supermoto slicks yesterday

    I've tried the Shinko supermoto slick and loved it. It didn't burn a hole in my pocket and still sticks very well. I also found that the 160 on a five inch. rim doesn't fit right.
  6. ron421

    How do i get started?

    I agree with SM610. When I first started I used the "Sportsman" set up and it worked great. The AVON Gripster seemed to work the best for the front and the Maxxis flat track tire for the rear. I used the stock front brake but an oversized rotor would have helped. Later when I went to the 17 inch wheels I still used the stock brake and had no problems, but again brakes would have been nice.
  7. ron421

    17 wheels or Stock???

    I rode my first supermoto on stock wheels and it was definatly the way to go. I learned how to ride on the pavement with the set up I had and it payed off. I was able to learn how how to ride fast and eventually won the 250 novice class in no time. I rode with 17 in the beginning as well and beleive it or not I was much slower and ended up on the ground most of the time. Not to mention how cheap it was to start out with a stock set up rather than buying wheels and tires. Eventually i had to graduate to the 17 wheels and now im able to take full advantage of the 17 inch wheels.(boy was the sportsman class a lot of fun)
  8. ron421

    Darrick Lucchesi

    hopefully i'll make it i'm trying to figure out some glitches with my transmission
  9. ron421

    Darrick Lucchesi

    Darrick Lucchesi has taught me every thing I know about riding. He has brought me from basicly not knowing which side the clutch was on to winning the Supermoto 250 novice class within a handfull of rides. Now I'm am strongly competeing in the lightweight division (250 class). I owe everything I know and my accomplishments to him. Without Darrick I would still be sitting on the back row.