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  1. rustyrodknocker

    do you guys ride after work?

    I'm over here looking for a life trade if anybody is interested. I have an xr650l that I flew down to Reno and bought then rode it home. The guy I got it from lived in a newer neighborhood that had its own access to the dessert like a golf course or something. Everybody had bikes and rails. I was thinking should I be buying his house instead?
  2. rustyrodknocker

    Will there be a new xr400ish?

    Maybe my point is being missed. The discussion seems to be about it driving up the price point. They already make the bike in a 250. Its half the price of the mx bikes. I had not heard of the AJP I took a look at those. They don't have a 400 listed they have a 600 for 10k and 233's with the chinese zongshen for the same price as the honda 250. I know lower volume manufacturers don't have to meet the same EPA criteria. I get that Honda does not want to encroach on the mx clone market. But they are different things. I think the offroad market is pretty big. Many racers end up there along with those that have never raced. I don't see much mx traffic on any of the big sites but then again I don't look for it. As far as financial feasibility I don't think any of us have any insight as to where the cost vs value balance is for a massive company. However, I would not be surprised if volume component pricing brings the unit price of some high performance parts down below some lower volume lower performance parts. As far as engine management systems, after talking to a Husky dealer, the bikes that did not have total makeovers along with the bikes that did, increased in price up to 10% in cost. When they went Fi and electric start. The $4500 air cooled 250 has the system. We are to the place where some push lawnmowers are efi. I just think if they upsized the engine displacement of the 250 to a 400. I'd have one by now. Only because I'm a 6'4" 265lb guy. If I was 165 I'd have that 250.
  3. rustyrodknocker

    Will there be a new xr400ish?

    Now that the new 250f is on the floor, the first thing I thought was. When does the 400 come out? I couldn't even check out the 250. I was mentally overcome with this being the first step towards what needs to happen. I love the idea of an electric start efi (if it actually worked) air cooled 400. These 250's are half the price of the 450's If I didn't weigh as much as the bike I'd buy a 250. I've looked at it a few times while getting stuff for my 650. I am certain I would pull the trigger on a 400. Would anybody else do the same? I read something about Asian or Euro markets still having a bike with the xr400 motor and electric start. Not sure if its true. But a real xr with Fe ( that worked) and electric start. Is there not a real market for that? Everytime I look at the 450x for 10k I think I should buy an xr400 and electric start it and do the suspension . Could probably do it for 7500 all in and have a better bike than is for sale for trail and woods riding. Just a rant.
  4. rustyrodknocker

    Anybody trade in a XR650L for a CRF450L?

    I was contemplating the 450l. I wouldn't trade in my 650l. Ill keep it until its to big for me. It will still be running when the 450s are recycle material. I'm thinking more the X now, lighter, cheaper, faster. I almost never ride the 650 on the street as it is, just a waste of tires. I have road bikes. Trouble is they don't run unless you spend a ton of money on them. The ignition debacle with the L is brain damage I don't need. And since Honda is charging Euro money for there choked up bikes, I'm thinking Husky fe501. But not until the 2020's come out, then Ill get a 19. I regret not buying one of the last 18's. Honda still has 2018 and 17 I think, 450x's but no electric start kills the deal for me. I ate it today on a steep muddy trail. It would have sucked to try to kick over a bike up there with 5 pounds of mud on your boot. If you wait until the 2020 Hondas come out. You can probably get a discount that will cover the cost of an ecm and an exhaust, which should be sorted by then. Then you would have a bike that runs like it should for same price.
  5. rustyrodknocker

    Show your PIG

    Its a clarke 4.7 I just learned the other night from a TTer. I couldn't remember if it was a Clark or an Acerbis. Then I notice it says Clark on the gas cap. Been looking at it for 5 years.
  6. rustyrodknocker

    High CR Piston for NX650?

    I just put this one in my bike last week. Its a nice piece. Don't know if its a better deal. I bought on ebay. It was a couple hundred but came with a Cometic head gasket. They are close to $50 U.S.
  7. rustyrodknocker

    What you did to your XR today?

    Some sight seeing and snow busting.
  8. Is there an approval submission process for discussing the contents of tool kits? Can't possibly be more drama than the thread about the tie down tool thing.
  9. Its a leather Diamond D Alaskan model. The concept is its center located so brush and sticks do get in it. I run a stainless single action revolver for durability in the weather. Also the holster has a hammer retention. Unlike most holstering situations, you have to be planning for it to function through a motorcycle crash. Mine is crash tested. In a situation of actual need it could be after you came up on something at speed and actually crash or lay it down. Most of the time I have a bonus pistol in my bag for recreation but not always. I ride with a kid and he is about to the age where he will need to be armed himself. He is well versed in use but of course does not want his riding to be impeded by anything.
  10. No, I had my Ruger single six .22 I determined it to be insufficient for that encounter. Fortunately, the owner got the dog called back.
  11. I knew this was coming. But you know what's weirder than walking in the woods naked? Going on the walk in the woods with the naked guy.
  12. I ran into a couple pitbulls once while riding around the farm on my XR. Of course, the bike was off when I saw them, tried to make a run for it but it didnt start, ended up staying very still while they passed, was pretty nerve racking actually. I came across one that was not happy to see us 60 miles from the hospital . That's why I order a chest rig for my 45 long colt. I never ride without it. 911 is not going to save you in the brush.
  13. rustyrodknocker

    1973 TM250 ?

    Yea I'm not sure that I want one. I dont want to be disappointed, because every bike since has been disappointing. I've never been able to find that level of uncontrollable power since. Sometimes I wonder if it was a 400. We sold it to a local man and my stepdad tried to advise him about the power. But he knew too much. 20 minutes broken leg. For a while I had a clapped out yz or It250 never was sure which. But I was way faster on it. Monoshock suspension and could rail on it. There was no railing on the TM, you just had to try not to die.
  14. rustyrodknocker

    Literal barn find

    Well I can give you 88 bucks no questions asked. And there shouldn't be any questions anyway. We both know 10% on your money beats the banks hands down. If your too greedy to accept that more than fair offer, consider this, the only thing I know about early xt250's is that my friend that had one and had it hauled to the shop to find out that it wouldn't start because of a kickstand switch failure. I didn't know they had them back then. The other thing was when he was at a stop sign a bunch of kids were yelling for a wheelie. Not wanting to disappoint and knowing he was going to need some big r's to get air under the tire, he wound it out and dropped the clutch. It promptly threw him on his back in the street. So, they don't disappoint. And that summarizes my knowledge on those. Think about it...