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  1. thump353

    Miedoso Forslyk: Review

    I'm not saying it doesn't work, but if I can roll to an auto parts store and get a big bottle of rain x and have it do the same thing....why not. I will try the rain x thing this weekend just give it a try...who knows
  2. thump353

    Miedoso Forslyk: Review

    I don't want to bring up a dead horse, but I have seen this thread in a few suspension threads. I have never used or heard of the stuff before, but it really sounds like it's just Rain-X. 1. Wash your car normally. If you thoroughly clean and prep the windshield surface before applying, this step can be skipped. 2. Dry your windshield. 3. Apply Rain-x to half of the windshield at a time. Apply Rain-X with a soft cloth (preferably microfiber cloth), and in a circular motion, firmly apply Rain-X into the windshield. 4. Buff with a different clean cloth. Move up the windshield, gradually buffing out the haze, until you get to the top of the glass. 5. Take a clean cloth and go over all the surfaces one last time, buffing in circles rubbing off the last residue. Forslyk 1. Shake bottle well. 2. The room temperature while putting this on, needs to be 70 degrees or warmer, since it requires some drying of the chemicals, and they may seperate at temps lower than that. 3. Raise front of bike up, raising front tire off the ground. 4. Take off all parts surrounding fork legs for access. (fork guards, dust boots etc, no need to take apart forks or take off seals) We do recommend not putting Forslyk on while suspension is apart, you only need the lower portion coated. 5. Spray 5-6 pumps of cleaner on inner fork tubes. 6. Wipe all oil residue and dirt off fork tubes. 7. Wipe fork legs with clean dry paper towel. 8. Drop approximately 8-10 drops of Forslyk on to paper towel per fork leg and spread it all over the fork leg, with some rubbing. 9. Let dry for 5 minutes or dry with warm heat for 30 seconds. Will become milky white filmed. 10. Wipe off fork leg with dry clean paper towel. 11. Apply second coat of Forslyk, same as first coat for best results. (Do not use cleaner again) 12. Put parts on fork legs back together. 13. You are finished, and your forks are Forslyk. 14. You will need to recoat your forks once every season or as needed. Seems like the same thing to me.
  3. thump353

    Deals on leftover 07 & 08

    Anybody getting and good deals on leftover 07 or 08 crf250's?
  4. thump353

    Show your graphics!!

    Decal works custom with the gripper shrouds & airbox cover.
  5. thump353

    When will KTM get a win?

    Alessi won the first moto at steel city this year.
  6. thump353

    Need advice on knee braces

    cti if your insurance company covers it, if not i would go with astericks.
  7. thump353

    James Stewart's status for Millville?

    Yes, listed on the AMA website as well, no Stewart. It should be a good race for 2nd.
  8. thump353

    Riding in Washington DC?

    You sorta have to make it work. We can call it urban motocross. I was a motorcycle courier for years, you just have to find the right spots. Cutting through traffic is single track. There is a lot of singles (4+stairs going up to the street. Use curbs as berms. All it lacks is the dirt.
  9. thump353

    Shift Leisure Suit

    he is right, sorta just shinny nylon material like most of the lbz pants where made of.
  10. thump353

    Jeff Emigs Race bike

    not to mention that the graphics are photoshopped on the picture.
  11. thump353

    Jeff Emigs Race bike

    I don't know about you guys, but I would kill to have a bike with "enjo" suspension.
  12. thump353

    Favorite Grapgics

    Mine!!! Decal custom graphics with the gripper material on the shrouds & airbox cover.
  13. thump353

    Who has the fastest factory bike.

    The works suspension really does nothing for the average joe, unless you have somebody there to tune it for you all the time. This is where the factory money comes into play over the privateers. I'm sure just if you had a factory team suspension expert tuning your stock suspension with just valving changes you would be faster than just bolting up works parts.
  14. thump353

    Ricky Charmichael Come Back

    the year will be the one where he rides his ass off all season long and doesn't give up. then he will earn it. this season so far, it's just getting handed to him. maybe at at the end of the season he can get all the kawasaki crew to do the gay little sprinkler dance when he clinches the title.
  15. thump353

    Ricky Charmichael Come Back

    Thats is the whole reason he stayed in the 125 class another year....to beat RC's record of wins. JS will never be able to topple the records RC has done in motocross. JS may have more talent than RC, but when it comes down to it who would you rather see win, a rider that just stands on talent alone or the guy that busts his ass and puts in a hard work day? If you said the guy that stands on talent, then you are the reason the rest of the world looks at Americans as being fat and lazy!