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  1. mstngmatt

    2017 AER Forks

    I agree it can fit a huge variation in rider weights.
  2. mstngmatt

    2017 AER Forks

    After running the forks at 130 psi on the second bar and on the comfort setting these forks are finally working to my satisfaction. The are better than my 2015 450 re valved honda forks.
  3. mstngmatt

    2017 AER Forks

    My experience with my 2016 yz 250f was that the sss forks are a step better for sure. Part of my liking them better is that they come sprung and valved closer to my liking and weight.
  4. mstngmatt

    2017 AER Forks

    Super, will try it this weekend.
  5. mstngmatt

    2017 AER Forks

    I took out 20cc of oil out of the left fork tube and it was much better for my weight. Can I take 20cc out of the air side with no problems?
  6. mstngmatt

    2017 stickers pealing off

    Looks exactly the way mine did
  7. mstngmatt

    2017 AER Forks

    Got it! Thanks!
  8. mstngmatt

    2017 AER Forks

    Sounds good I will try and start here next ride. What are you guys running at 180? Oil height mm??? I'm not sure what stock is.
  9. mstngmatt

    2017 AER Forks

    Has anyone played with the oil level in the new AER forks. I have a 4.0 rear spring and it is working great for my light weight. I don't want to lower the air pressure anymore and have the forks drop down too far in the stroke. Any experiences with what I can expect with more or less oil in the rebound leg?
  10. mstngmatt

    local 15 450 shootout today. My opinion.

    Nice write up, Thanks! What is your ability and age if I may ask.
  11. mstngmatt

    New 2015 YZ250f owner...

    Ride and enjoy it!
  12. mstngmatt

    Works Connection EZ Fill... Any problems?

    All good here also.
  13. Great question!!! I'm in a similar situation and don't want any troubles... Anyone???
  14. mstngmatt

    2015 260-270 mm front disk

    Good info. I don't have a problem with stock rotor, just the price.