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  1. matty86suk

    2004 EXC to SX Applicable Years

    I'm looking for a exc head for my 06 250 sx, we could trade? In they are compatible
  2. matty86suk

    Riding alone

    I ride alone lots, I carry a spot tracker and leave a map for my wife to know where I'll be riding. I'm a pretty casual trail rider and don't take many risks, especially alone.
  3. matty86suk

    2t expansion chamber fix

    Weld it up, then pressurize the pipe and use heat to pop out the dents. Lots of vids online showing this method.
  4. matty86suk

    Race tech Valving for older MX woods conversion

    Ktm talk won't let me signed up with a yahoo account and won't respond to my request to use a yahoo account. What's up with that?
  5. Hey TT!! I'm in the middle of converting a 06 250 sx for recreational trail riding. I've done the standard engine mods; g2 throttle tamer, fww, green pv spring, exc head and gnarly pipe. Power is very linear with almost no hit but good low down torque. Anyways the suspension sucks donkey balls for my use as expected. My local suspension tuner quoted me $1200 for a custom valving front and back with new seals, bushings etc. Now I can get racetech valves and rebuild kits for $600 and do the work myself. My concern is I won't be happy with the racetech vs. something an expert can whip up for me. Or is there an option C to my dilemma? Is there a custom/published shim stack for these forks that someone could point me to? Thx TT is an awesome forum!!
  6. Looks decent enough, price is subjective to the local area in my experience. I just picked up a well looked after 06 250 sx for 2900, Canadian.
  7. matty86suk

    First start of the spring issue

    Yes, yes all normal. White smoke could be condensation and spooge gassing off, worst case coolant so check your coolant level. The float bowl gasket most likely dried up and shrunk, some o ring conditioner could get it to seal, or a new seal is really cheap. Just double check you are not burning coolant, but most likely not. Good luck.
  8. matty86suk

    The 150 Club

    Can someone compare the 150 to the kdx220? I'm in the market for a 2t. My last 2t was a kdx220, loved the power, hated the suspension and weight. I'm mostly looking for a 250 2t but a couple 150 have come up for decent prices. Im 37, 200lb, 6'2, intermediate rider. Thx, love this group!!
  9. matty86suk

    What trail bike

    Ktm 200 or 150
  10. I'd go DRZ, sure you'll notice to extra weight on tight trails 20 percent of the time, but you'll enjoy the extra power 100 percent of the time.
  11. matty86suk

    2T OR 4T

    Trail and mx, 2t
  12. My 07 needed valves at 120 hours. Went stainless.
  13. matty86suk

    2017 ktm 150sx singletrack

    Yah I have a kx125 that is fun but just doesn't have that extra hp I need sometimes. Wish ktm still made the 200
  14. matty86suk

    2017 ktm 150sx singletrack

    Looks good! How big are you? Wonder if the 150 would be good for a 6'2 200lb dude...
  15. matty86suk

    KX125 Barn find!

    Small update GPI rads showed up, 5 of the 6 mounts lined up, the left side centre was out .25" but I was able to use a step bit and drilled it out. Looks factory with the bushing. Cheap eBay pegs showed up, there are much larger than stock. Crank was shipped out and should be here next week with bearings, seals and gaskets. Still trying to find a used/new 1.85x19 36 hole rim, if I can't find one locally I will just buy a 18" and spoke kit. Cheers