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  1. Captain 80s

    1983 XL600R

  2. Captain 80s

    XL600R back together after a couple upgrades.

    It's a National Cycle Deflector Screen mounted off the bars. The lights are just a couple generic halogen driving lights I got from Tucker Rocky years ago. I used the supplied mounting brackets to mount them to each other and then to some brackets I fabricating using the existing lower stock headlight bracket and some fork clamps. They ended up fitting in the space quite nicely. I just have them aimed slightly differently for high beam and low beam.
  3. XR500R shock with XL600R spring installed, new seat cover, and a new chain runner (the original was literally crumbling). Feels great, I can definitely feel the increased ride height. Shock is much.more.compliant, but still need to play around with settings and do race sag. Installed new float bowl o rings and gave the carbs a once thru. New EBC clutch and springs while I was replacing the right crankcase gasket. Removed the chain for a scrubbing and soaked it in gear oil over low heat.
  4. Captain 80s

    Update/Change to this forum...

    How about adding XL600R and XR500R to this section officially? Or at least to the drop-down. I know we're old &%$#@!#s with dinosaurs, but they are very closely related to the XR600R and 650L.
  5. Captain 80s

    XR500R shock on a XL600R

    Tight fit but it all worked together pretty nicely. I had to install the shock "backwards" so the hose had somewhere to go other than right into the air box. No big deal, just have to remember that damping adjustment mark on the bottom of the shock now faces the motor, not rearward. The reservoir is supported by a high density foam pad, so the bracket is only keeping it upright, not holding the weight. New clutch and springs are on the way just because I had the right crankcase cover off to replace the gasket. Even though it only has 10K miles on it, the clutch is now over 35 years old, so it's time New kick shaft oil seal and oil pump o-rings.
  6. Captain 80s

    XR500R shock on a XL600R

    Had a low hour shock from a 84 XR500R and wanted to try a small upgrade. I had the 500 shock rebuilt in preperation and if it didn't work out , no big deal. I traded my suspension guy the 500 forks and triples for the rebuild when he was picking up a 86 CR250R I sold him. I had no use for the forks as I wasn't interested in swapping the triples on my XL, and it will buy me a little good will credit in the future. I bought a used XL shock off of ebay just for the spring, as the XR spring is too soft. The XL spring has a slightly larger ID but there was no gaps on the upper adjuster or lower bracket, so no issue there. The XL spring is a little longer too but you can JUST get the spring installed without a spring compressor and the preload aduster just started on the threads. The XR500R shock is 10mm longer than the XL, so you will see a rear ride height increase. I measured the installed spring length on the stock shock to match the preload on the new one for a starting point. I've read quite a few posts about the possibilty, but there weren't really any reports of it actually being done with the spring swap. Really it was just an excuse for a little period correct bling with the nice aluminum body and adjustable compression damping. Pretty sure i have a good solution to the hose routing and remote res mount. The carbs are out right now to install some new float bowl orings (might have some good news on super cheap float gaskets without having to buy a "rebuild kit" that I dont need), so final fitment will have to wait. I'll post some progress reports and some pics next.
  7. Captain 80s

    83 xl600r Head Cover Gasket

    On a semi-related topic, I highly suggest eliminating the cable that activates the 5th valve. It will &%$#@! you at some point and give you the symptoms of a blown head gasket. I rebuilt my 83 top end with all new OEM 84 components (worked at a dealership). Fried center journal and all associated hardware with 7000 miles (got the bike very cheap from idiot owner). About 700 miles later developed above mentioned symptom. Thought head gasket had failed into cam chain galley. Nope, that little valve was stuck about 2mm open. Removed it for inspection, had to knock it out with a piece of hard wood. No galling or abnormal deposits. Wiped stem with my shirt and ran a dry Q-Tip in new-when-installed guide... Barely anything on Q-Tip. Valve slid like silk in and out. Re-lapped valve and removed cable... &%$#@! that. Get it to top dead, pull handle bar decompress (which actuates actual ex valve), "kick" engine slightly past, return kick starter up and start.Oh, and I re-use the valve cover gaskets with Hondabond on my Xl600R and my Xr400R and NEVER had a problem. Here's the SuperPoorTard.
  8. Captain 80s

    Mufler question.

    They might not make them anymore... But so f-ing love them. Yes.. . krizman style arrestor.
  9. Captain 80s

    New Member saying hi...

    130/80-17 ME1 110/80-17 ME33
  10. Captain 80s

    Mufler question.

    I really like the IMS tip for Supertrapp/ White Brothers mufflers. I also have one on my XR400R and the wife's XR200R. They all run great with it. Krizman style arrestor, great sound and no exhaust coming out the disks right onto my bike.
  11. Captain 80s

    New Member saying hi...

    Thanks. The rear is from an '83 500 is 2.15. The spokes on the right have to make a slight turn to the hub, because the nipple holes were aimed at the larger drum side of the rear 83 hub. Next time I would modify the holes a little, but I've got well over a thousand miles on the wheel (many coming down from wheelies with the wheel no longer spinning), and I've had zero issues. It rides really nice. I read in the 83 XL600R magazine test, that Honda decided to shorten the rear end for the US market, so I was very confident that I could lower the front without any major consequences. And I was right. No wierdness at all, boogies through the turns.
  12. Captain 80s

    New Member saying hi...

    Damn, I missed that. Actually, I ordered it new many years ago. I did just buy a pretty nice 87 tank that has the same graphics.
  13. Captain 80s

    Mufler question.

    Good info. I knew they had straight thru and baffled, but didn't know about the lengths (obviously).