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  1. trailrider125

    TTR acting funny

    Also, do you think that water could have gotten into my gas somehow and that is the problem?
  2. trailrider125

    TTR acting funny

    Well, do you think you can tell me how to clean the jets? Thanks in advance.
  3. trailrider125

    TTR acting funny

    A couple days ago my ttr started acting weird, every time i give it full throttle it starts bogging out. It doesnt do that when i dont give it all the throttle though. I've cleaned my carb changed my oil and checked the air filter. Now i dont know what to do? Please help.
  4. trailrider125

    Spring Trail Ride at the Cove - Gore, VA.

    They came out with new trails at the cove?
  5. trailrider125

    Should I get a ttr-125l over a crf150

    if u r rall enuf u cud get the ttr230 mayb?
  6. trailrider125

    Hill Climbs??

    Go really fast up it.
  7. trailrider125

    Hatfield McCoy

    You think they would care at all if i (we) rode our bikes on the shoulder and they werent dual sport ? we will be going spring break weekend from sunday to thursday, incase anyone else is going.
  8. trailrider125

    Hatfield McCoy

    I think the trail we will be riding is Pinnacle creek trail, and also they say dirtbikes are illegal to ride on the streets in west virginia so how would we be able to go to the gas station? If anyone can answer the questions please do! Thanks in advance!
  9. trailrider125

    Yamaha TTR125L snow riding

    Go ride, as long as the snow isnt 3 feet deep you should be fine.. It just snowed here, and i'm about to go out riding!
  10. trailrider125

    NEED to know, MPG of ttr125l and ttr250

    Also, i'm running super unleadded gas, will that burn up faster and cause less mpg?
  11. trailrider125

    NEED to know, MPG of ttr125l and ttr250

    I'm going to hatfield & mccoy soon, and i need to know what the mpg of a ttr125l and ttr250 is so i can bring the right ammount of gas, and i'll know how far i can go on one tank.. thanks in advance!
  12. trailrider125

    MD/VA riding this weekend

    Watch out for rocks. OH WAIT, THE WHOLE PLACE IS ROCKS. Eh, i grew up learning how to ride there, i'm going this weekend probably. But damn man, theres so many rocks!
  13. trailrider125

    Where are you from??

    Originally from alexandria va, moved to haymarket va a month ago (bull run mt) And, welcome to tt.
  14. trailrider125

    who has bark busters on their stock 125 handlebars?

    I use "Answer" Hand guards.