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  1. slide

    DRZ-400sm comfort?

    I liked my custom Renazco built saddle.
  2. Here's another vote for the Ouray / Silverton area. IMO, it's the most spectacular area of Colorado and that's saying something. Your time there is about right as the 4 x 4 clubs usually have Black Bear cleared by 4 July. So you can try that rather challenging ride or many others. Also you are an hour or so from Durango if you wish some night life or a beer or two. IMO, 3-4 days riding the Uncompahgre range will supply you with a lifetime of memories.
  3. slide

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    I think it's within the rules to name your hotel. If I'm ever up that way, I'd prefer staying at a TT'ers place.
  4. slide

    Cannister advice

    Thx. Do you know if there is a quiet insert I can buy and if so, where?
  5. slide

    Cannister advice

    A while back I bought a complete Yosh exhaust system from a TT'er. It's got a stainless steel head pipe and a cannister sold to me as being Ti. I can't tell if it's Ti or Al. The seller is long gone. It's legal here where I am as it does have a screen / spark arrester clearly visible. While not very loud as some pipes go, it's too loud for my tastes especially in the high mountains where sound carries a good ways. It was fine in the desert and around town, but I'm too aware of its noise up high. I'm unsure of the model of this system. The cannister is oval if that helps and I've attached a few pix below. What I'd like is to find a quieter insert if this is possible. Can someone please identify the model cannister and also, if they know, can I get a quiet insert? If not, no harm. Just someone will get a heck of a deal on an after market pipe because I'll go back to stock.
  6. slide

    DRZ400S and high octane= poor running

    Bad gas always possible. Also possible contamination usually water. I never fill up at a station which is also or has recently received fuel from the tanker truck. The truck's filling the underground storage stirs up the junk and water from the bottom which makes it into your tank. Since the problem didn't arise right after you filled up, it may be water settled in your tank and then is now in your float bowl. I'd suggest you drain your float bowl into something so you can examine if it has water or a lot of precipitates. I doubt the gas you got, if pure, is of such a bad grade that your bike felt it the next day.
  7. slide

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    does the peat moss ever wear out from mushroom growing? That is, why do the growers need new moss? This is a pretty fascinating thread. We're all over the map. If we chose to, I thk we could start a TT world as we seem to have the entire range of skill set to do so.
  8. Nah, you need to define the mission before you say 'do it all'. This is a dirt oriented board so stuff like a 400 cc bike is on the heavy side. You go to another board like advrider and the lighter bikes are 450 lbs. Two weeks ago, my and wife took off for a weekend ride which included some forest roads. Overall, we covered about 800 miles in two days. Try that on a KTM 300 or similar but then again, if I'd taken the Tiger on any thing rougher than forest roads, I'd have needed the guy riding by on the KTM 300 to help me extract the bike from some problem I'd have gotten into. So you need to define the envelope of performance and then talk about doing it all (within the envelope).
  9. slide

    chain losing o-rings

    Clearly the PO let the chain dry out. New sprockets, new chain as a general rule but in your case, the OEM sprockets were probably ok, but the chain wasn't. No way to predict how long the damaged chain will last. Why not replace it now to prevent it from damaging the new sprocket?
  10. Another factor is location. Frex, today where I am, winds will blow 30-40 mph with gusts predicted to 55 mph. I ride my DRZ in this and I"m telling you when I hit a freeway flyover with a x-wind of 30 mph, trucks all around me, it's a real interesting experience. Even more, riding the DRZ (a heavy dirt bike) all day in these winds is a chore. Something like a lighter KTM or DR 200 would be, well, more than I'd care to take on. I keep returning to if I had to have one bike for dirt to freeway, I doubt I can do better than the KLR. As I have several bikes, not one of them is a KLR because it's hardly best at anything except being closest to universal.
  11. Shercos are extremely rare in the US. There is only one dealer. I've personally never seen one and do not know if they are street legal. I've never understood why so many excellent bikes are available in Europe that aren't here in the US. We in the US don't seem to get any interesting bikes that you in Europe don't get.
  12. slide

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Nikos, What kind of rear tire is that?
  13. Lots of folks including me. Why not read the thread or use Search?
  14. I have 270's F & R and am satisfied with them on the road. I'm not a knee dragger on the DRZ, tho.
  15. slide

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    I think we woke you in the middle of an interesting dream.