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    DOT Street Tires for a 2005 Honda CRF230F

    I honestly have no clue.
  2. New to the site here...I was brought here every time I would google a question and I figured if anyone's going to know what they're talking about, it would be you guys here. I have a 2005 honda crf 230 and I have been trying to figure out the best way to make it street legal in PA. I've been looking over the DMV laws and it requires the standards (lights, mirrors, etc) but one thing I missed was tires. I know the stock 100/100-18 knobbies on the rear aren't DOT and I've been looking around here and saw a couple people saying that I can get away with a 110/100-18. The only problem is I can't find anyplace that sells 110/100-80 with a street tread on them. Everything I see is just replacement ones for off-road or dual purpose that are DOT. I would rather have ones with more street tread just for the added traction, especially in rain. Anybody have any insight on this kind of stuff? Any place I should look that would sell specifically street designed 110/100-18? I found a Bridgestone Trail Wing TW41 that will work for the front tire, anything else I should consider? All advice is appreciated!