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  1. My YZ250 I can get a few rides even in dry/dusty conditions before my air filter NEEDS clean. My YZ450F is a different story, airbox is always filthy after 1 day of riding. So a lot depends on your individual bike too.
  2. Nice bike, looks low hour. It depends, low hour/OEM/stock bikes do attract a certain type buyer looking for a lightly used bike. At the same time if you keep everything in good shape and add some tasteful aftermarket goodies you definitely won't be losing value. Do what YOU want because it is YOUR bike now. I really like Aktiv MX, they did my 09. http://www.aktivmxgraphics.com/yamaha-complete-graphics-kits/
  3. The Hardline hour meters are the best quality A 120/90-19 will push in corners more than a 110/90-19. I like the MX52 for the rear
  4. Go to NAPA and get the Aluminum Brightener spray. Magic in a bottle, seriously, google it
  5. It is made of a magnesium alloy, mostly aluminum so no, won't rust
  6. I have that pipe and all my 4 stroke exhaust plugs fit (FMF and OEM Yamaha)
  7. New OEM shift is like $25 and you can keep that as an emergency spare Yeah, that is a big ol rivet
  8. Running pillow tops right now, ready to change again though Progrip Rally 714 were too big/arm pump Half waffles are too small/tear up my hands JA21 is using the new soft compound Pro-Taper race half waffles. Felt super soft and I want to get some for my bike
  9. I like to sandblast them and leave them raw
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