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  1. memphis452

    ogio baja 70?

    in the market for a hydration pack and the ogio baja 70 seems to have a good amount of the storage for the price (>$70) compared to other brands wondering if anyone has experience with this pack or similar ones find it here----> http://www.amazon.com/Ogio-Baja-Hydration-Pack-Black/dp/B00BGGGG96 or would this camalbak be better ----> http://www.amazon.com/Camelbak-Products-Rogue-Hydration-70-Ounce/dp/B00EPGTKCO/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1406595515&sr=8-15&keywords=camelbak+hydration+pack i would appreciate any reviews/suggestions
  2. memphis452


    my bike has dirt caked on where the header exits the engine i have tried and tried to get it off but it barely does anything any suggestions?
  3. memphis452

    just got a ttr230

    the guy i got the bike from said he hadn't ridden it in a good amount of time and when i checked it it wasn't very dirty. do i need no clean it and put new oil on it or just leave it and wait until it gets dirty to clean it?
  4. memphis452

    just got a ttr230

    got a 2011 ttr230 this weekend and have been working on starting and stopping this weekend. Anyways i was wondering what i need to go over and check on the bike. it has not been ridden very much and has new oil and the brake fluid is good as well as full of gas. what could i be missing/ need to do before a "real" ride thanks
  5. memphis452

    Yamaha TTR230 (2011)


    first dirtbike
  6. memphis452

    Yamaha TTR230 2011

    first dirtbike
  7. memphis452

    gear and tools

    thanks i will think about getting one of these soon
  8. memphis452

    gear and tools

    is there a good bike stand that wont break the bank i could look into
  9. memphis452

    gear and tools

    hey guys, hopefully i will be buying a crf230 or similar dirt bike soon. i want to know the necessary riding gear and tools i need to buy if i don't already have them in the garage. anything you can think of even stuff you think i would already know would be helpful to my newb self. thanks
  10. memphis452

    necessary riding gear

    Im trying to get into dirt biking and for me ( and my parents ) safety is an investment not an expense because an injury costs more money that couldve been avoided and spent on upgrades ))
  11. memphis452


    i got an answer to this from a little extra research so please diregaurd this thread if u know how to delete a thread let me know so i can delete this
  12. memphis452

    first dirtbike

    Will have to try and convince my dad to take me to see
  13. memphis452


    i had another thread about what bike i should get (btw im 5'9'' 135 pounds 14 y/o) and decided a xr200 would be a good first trail bike for me. thats great but i can't really find one, and after going to a local bike shop he mentioned the xr200 but also mentioned a crf150rb so here's my question: would the crf150rb be a good bike for me to learn on and be able to trail ride for a while on or should i wait and find a xr200/ cr230/ ttr230 instead thanks everybody
  14. memphis452

    first dirtbike

    now i can see how having that would be very helpful. also, i found a 2002 xr200r for $1200 does it look good to you guys or should i keep looking http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/mcy/4324904643.html thanks again
  15. memphis452

    first dirtbike

    what does the auto decompression do/ how does it make the bike easier to start