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  1. Hi,I have an older hjc helmet. The model is LS air-3. I'm looking for a heated visor for it. Anyone know where to get one .thanks ,Dave
  2. No one?
  3. I have a 08 fe 550 , mostly using it for dual sporting around on back roads,some pavement. What's the hot tire setup. Also does anyone make a softer seat for that bike,my ass is killing me on long rides.
  4. Try that pic again
  5. Here's my yz. It's a 295 with the 3,4,5 wr gears. Love it.
  6. I'm in williams lake. Bike came with with .065" and was supposed to run on 94 premium. Getting detonation at mid throttle. I think it would run better if it were around .045".
  7. Who in Canada can do the machining on my 295 head to correct the squish?
  8. The squish on my 295 is .065. Who in Canada can do the machining on my head?