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  1. On my 200 once the stock muffler was clogged. I was having problems with it running correctly. I put the muffler in a wood fire 2 times and burned it out. It actually worked!
  2. Thank you. Whatever will be better and that I can put a disc brake on. That's what I want.
  3. Maybe you could plead my case for me? When I was on there I was prplhzei.t200, or something close to that. You could ask Jok, or Joc, if he's still the one, that I've grown up and learned how to behave on internet forums.
  4. Ya. I read thru a bit. Theres a guy that used to be on T.T, zxr1200, or something similar, I saw some of his recent posts. I asked him a couple of years ago if he would go to the site administrators and plead my case for me and let me back on, but, I haven't hear back from him. Oh well. Lifes a bitch
  5. Haha. Nope still banned.
  6. So the correct answer is IT200S? Right?
  7. So, I followed the link you provided and I didn't get any notices that I'm not allowed. It's been at least 7 years or so since I was booted from there. So, I went to register and there are 6 i.t related questions that you have to answer as part of the reg process. One question is "What was the last Yamaha IT model to be produced?" From their site, "History of the I.T." Says, In 1985 the only model produced was the IT200N which was pretty much identical to the IT200L. In 1986 the only model to be produced was the IT200S, which received a disk brake upgraded front end, at least they made the last model a good one! But every time that I hit enter it comes back with an error message and tells me that IT200S is not the correct answer. Maybe the mods are just F'ing with me.
  8. No sarcasm. Nice bike too.
  9. Cool username, bro.
  10. No, I have an oversize Clarke in au naturale. Thanks Ebay link is for the 2 strokes. 02-14. The 250 f changes after 05 This part is not compatible with 2005 Yamaha YZ250F --.
  11. I've asked this question before on here a while back, and I got some good answers, but I can't find the thread. And, I'm ready to order a kit. So, I'm looking for a complete plastic kit in yellow. I found one a few months back, I swear it was on RMMX and I put it in my cart, but it's gone and I can't find it now. The kit that I found was kinda pricey, but it came with the air box also. Which I thought was cool cuz the air box panels on my bike are scratched/faded. I did a complete tear down and had the frame powdercoated, so I want some nice stuff. I wanna do a black on yellow color scheme. Any suggestions on where to look? I'm 'bout to yank my hair out! Thanks!
  12. You guys are mean! Youtube is your friend, luke.
  13. Ya, I was banned from there some years ago. But, IIRC, I think about a year ago I logged onto it and I didn't get the "you are banned from using this site." LOL. I'll give that a try. Hadn't thought of that.Thanks!
  14. So, I've been looking to thin the herd a bit( I sold my 525 exc yesterday) and also get something modern to replace the 200 as a dedicated trail (tight woods) bike. I was going to buy a kdx 200/220 with the ktm $$$. I was a bit sad when the ktm left, but, not too bad. It will wane with time. But, I know that if I sold the 200 (actually both of them) that I would really regret it. I changed my mind and pulled the C.L ads today. It's such a great bike for what I do with it. My only complaints with the bike are the forks and the brakes. So, I'm looking to upgrade the forks and put a disc brake on front. My question is what forks can I put on it? Probably pretty limited. My buddy put a set of forks on his i.t from a y.z 125. They don't seem much better than the stockers. If I was to change the triple tree ( I think that's what it's called) how would I know what would be a proper fit? Would I have to take mine off and take some measurements? I'm ready to do this and be ready for fall! Thanks.