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  1. California

    That truck is cool. I was just funnin! I like old clunkers.
  2. California

    Time for a new truck?
  3. California

    In order to to do that, I'd have to have "the big one."
  4. California

    Boy, did I just punked or what?
  5. California

    Some sexy shizzle right there.
  6. supercross

    What $2 whore isn't reamed out?
  7. Ok. I got the plastic gear off and the other one that I wanted out, but now my clutch wont pull. WTH did I do? I still have it apart.
  8. supercross

    I only watched the replay on t.v, I haven't seen any video of the incident since then, and IIRC, it looked like kr would've been ok, but he high sided it in a rut and got into Webb.
  9. I have the e-clip off, I just didn't want to pull too hard on the plastic gear. I thought about putting some brass shim stock in the hole and use the starter sparingly. But, I seriously doubt that I'll ever fix it. Lol. It kick starts so easy,
  10. supercross

    Geeze. Tell us how you really feel.
  11. I wanna take that large gear off as its part of the e-start and not needed. Plus doesn't that have to come off to check the crank nut? It's kinda wobbly, so that could be contributing to the noise. But, I can't get that little plastic one off. You can see that hole where one of the gears used to ride. See how egged out it is? That is the main reason that I don't really bother with fixing the e-start.
  12. Here's the drain plug after last Saturdays 40 miles. I'm pulling the clutch/cover and checking things out. BTW do your drain plugs come out hard all the way? Well, except the first and last turn. What a bitch! It wouldn't be so bad if one could get a socket on it.
  13. supercross

    I liked Anderson going back a few years. Was it 2 years ago in the 250's when he passed Seely (I think) on the last lap of the main 2 weeks in row?
  14. supercross

    Cuz 1 guy got hurt? Again?