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  1. I don't have a build thread. I just powder coated the frame, clean up everything, replaced a few bearings and putting it back together. The bike was looking pretty cappy. This incident and this guy lit a fire under me to clean this thing up, make it look respectable.
  2. Might as well post up your project here or this thread dies. Here's mine. Finally got it onto the floor and got the wheels on it. Fired right up. Now I'm gonna be searching for a full yellow plastic kit for it. I wanna do the old yamaha yellow/black color scheme. Then there's the tank. Idk what I'm going to do with that. I saw an i.t 200 with a tank cover on it that was i.t blue. I'm gonna look into having a yellow cover made for it.
  3. Ya, he'll be beatin it with a hammer before too long, so, good choice.
  4. And you'll need alot of parts.
  5. Dude, that's a cheap, 15 year old, Chinese p.o.s. Surprise it still runs. It won't for long. Don't walk, run! Just my .01
  6. He already rides a &%$#@!ing moped. A quad would be a step forward.
  7. Not only hell no, but, &%$#@! no!
  8. Twice! He had 2 opportunities picking himself up, to rid his glove of the tear-off.
  9. Exactly. When my friend J started riding with us (he was experienced, but out of riding for years) my friend R would always warn him about an upcoming hill, creek etc. J would always have a tough time. I finally got R to stop doing that. Makes a big diff. Just do it. Your instincts, muscle memory do just fine.
  10. I've noticed that downhill stuff always looks worse than it is. In other words, you're going down a steep, nasty hill thinking, "I hope I don't have to go back up this." Then you do, and it's not so bad.
  11. California

    Pornhub. Wait. I mean hub-porn. Don't google the former!
  12. Don't be pickin on Ralph. I like Ralph.
  13. Hoosbin Fharteen Hasheet Miponce
  14. Was that move by Austin Forkhead that took Osborne down, over the line? Sure looked like it to me.
  15. I liked to use Mike Oxbigg, Pat McGroin and Phil McCracken Oh, and Dr. Mike Hunt.
  16. Update and a question. The little 50 starts, dies, starts, dies and after several cycles of that it will start and run like it's supposed to. It's not electrical I've ruled that out. It seems to be getting plenty of fuel. After it dies out I immediately turn off the gas and open the drain on the carb and gas comes out. Any suggestions as to what to look for? I'm stumped!
  17. I got this 50 to run. It took some doing. I cleaned the carb and it would start then die. Put a new plug in it, same result. I knew that the oil tank was really low, so, I thought maybe that it had a low oil sensor like most generators have. Dumped some oil onto the tank and that seemed to take care of the stalling out. However, look at all the oil that comes/came out of the pipe! Yuk! And while it was running there was oil ( not 2t oil) coming out of the trans vent tube. Maybe someone over filled it?
  18. They're listening too. Last year at work I had to go look at a job about 50 miles away (Folsom) and I asked the boss for the address. He told me out loud what it was and I wrote it down on a post-it. I got in the truck to leave and I put in the address into google maps. I got the first 2 numbers in and the address that I was looking for was the first one that came up. That kinda made me go, hmmmm
  19. Are you getting bombarded with ads on your phone/computer related to your purchases?
  20. Data mining.
  21. That's funny. "Also, unlike a 2-stroke engine, this model can idle." My 2 strokes start and I immediately turn off the choke and they idle perfectly. And they're both Yamahas.
  22. California

    Awww hail!
  23. Turn the gas on, dummy! I only say that cuz just a couple hours ago my buddy and I were riding down by the river. I come around by the truck and he's kicking his '16 Husky 300. I roll up and ask whats up. He said it just died. I said I know this sounds dumb, but did you turn the gas on? He looks down, Yep. He pushes it over to the truck and I roll up and look and the gas is off! Bike looks great! Sounds good too. Nice work, dogg.
  24. California

    Like I said that was in the 80's. We were young,dumb, full o cum, 20 somethings. Now I'm all of that except young and 20 something! Yes. That was before insurance companies ruled.