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  1. A buddy of mine took this at Fontana Damn, NC. We were down for a rally at Deals Gap. I'm the first person through. http://photos.imageevent.com/wingspan/misc/close.wmv

    Bacon Hollow in Virginia?

    804-985-4995 It turns out it's only 15 miles from me. Once they open back up I'll check it out and post more. She said there are miles of trails running all over the mountain, and an MX track.

    Bacon Hollow in Virginia?

    Thanks for the information. I just got off the phone with them. There closed for hunting season right now. $20 bucks to ride.

    Bacon Hollow in Virginia?

    I'm only about 20-30 minutes from there, so may be I'll just drive over and get the scoop.

    Bacon Hollow in Virginia?

    Has anyone here ridden Bacon Hollow just outside of Charlottesville Virginia? I've heard it's a decent place to ride. I'm trying to get some info before I head that way. Thanks!!!

    got mud?

    I'm embarrassed (as I should be) to post this. Not 24 hours earlier I had purchased this bike from another member. It took me 2 solid days to get her cleaned after wards, and running like the monster she is.

    No Babes, Just Ride Pics

    Unbelievable pics!!! I need to head west.

    Morning Solo ride...

    WOW!!! Great pics.
  9. A few weeks ago I ordered a Utah sport cycle Skid plate from TT. The TT store just started carrying this plate. Brian recommened them, so I went with it. The fit was spot on, and it was cake too install. It has already done it's job on some rocky trails I've been on over the last few weeks. Also Unabiker Radiator Guards, and CFC case covers are a MUST (as others mentioned). Peace...

    New streetbike...

    Nice Harley!!! Most sportbikers? Yeah, I'd probably have to agree. Many of us though do 15K-20K a year, and ride for the right reasons. I don't have any talent, but I do like to have fun on mine.

    Thank You Bill, Casey, and Ed!!!

    Sunday pics!!! Bill (another Bill) crossing a stream. My brother Donnie wheeling across the stream. This is what happens at high speed when the tires don't bite, and the front wheel doesn't lift.

    Thank You Bill, Casey, and Ed!!!

    I found some new stuff Sunday. In a few I'll post some pics.

    Thank You Bill, Casey, and Ed!!!

    I just got home from a fabulous ride with these 3 members. Around 10 I met Bill, and Ed. We headed to some trails I knew just outside of Harrisonburg. These 2 guys rule the technical stuff. A couple of times I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw what they were doing. Major skills!!! About an hour into our ride we met Casey. It worked perfect. For a second I thought I might be the slowest guy. Pift, that quickly ended as I saw Casey disappear too. Anyways I appreciate it guys. For me it was like being in class. I picked up a lot for watching the 3 of you. I never thought I would made it down (and up) some trails, but the 3 of you helped me a TON! My bike has a yellow twin in Salem, Virginia. Very kewl. Ed's bike sounds like beast though I rarely got close enough to hear it. Bill is a mad man. No Bill is just insane! Oh yeah, I will be taking it a bit slower before I decide to jump anything again. Below are a couple of pics I took. Thanks again!!!

    MD, PA, DE, NJ - Anywhere remotely close?

    Just another reason for you to move back to Virginia brother!

    Riding Areas in Virginia

    There is a great parking area just below Reddish Knob. I can't remember the name of the lake about 4 miles below on the main road. We parked there last time. The lot is actually is right before the lake (100 yards) or so.