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  1. joey330

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    I need to get down there and ride with you! freshen the bike up for me, sometime this year! My brother keeps trying to get me to come down and surf, so I might as well ride dirtbikes too!!!!
  2. joey330

    Riding Scared…

    Fear is a tool, if used right. When you are in a race and come up to an object, or a section, you have 2 options, go over/up, or go around. This is a decision that takes two types of thinking, Go for it, or don't do it. Winners don't take the easy line. I make decisions not based on fear, not based on skill or ease, but based on time and advancement. To lead back to your previous point, limited by skill.... Can I make this object with minimal or no screw ups? Or is it faster for ME to go around? Fear never plays a part in my thinking. I make calculated decisions that I think are for the best of the race, and at the top of my skill level. If you always ride with fear, or within your "Skill set" you will never advance. You always have to push, and always try things that make you uncomfortable. AHH that is the word! Uncomfortable. Just so you know, I am agreeing with your post, it is just an "everywhere reply" Anyone been in a car crash? I have. You have ZERO fear. Why? Because you are concentrated on what lies ahead. Same thing with riding/racing, for seasoned riders/racers. We all know what we shouldn't do, and those are based on our own personal limits, some of us don't have very many, some have just enough to hold them back from ever getting any better/faster, or winning. The choice is yours.
  3. joey330

    Should I change tire?

    Jfc, it means "your mileage may vary", smdh. Thank you, JFC? I feel like i'm young, but getting too old not being hip with the lingo. Thank you.
  4. joey330

    Dealing with nerves?

    As long as you ensure you look them in the eye as they go by, this could be a good trick.
  5. joey330

    Dealing with nerves?

    All of that, and you need to flog the dolphin before a big date. Yea, why else do they put porta johns at the events? You have to release some of that pent up emotion. Just make sure to lock the door, people look at you weird when they open them and you're in there taking care of the buzizzneezzz
  6. joey330

    Should I change tire?

    What is YMMV? It looks flippable. Tires are easy to change, so either flip it for trails/practice or put a new one on. 2 options.
  7. Great pics, I know how it feels to rid yourself of your old steed. Hard, but bitter sweet. Many many more memories to make with your new found glory. Gratz on the purchase, stay safe out there.
  8. joey330

    Dealing with nerves?

    What exactly are you nervous about? Do you have anxiety issues? Are you riding trails with buds, or just racing? Getting nervous or anxious is common, I always have a little bit in me when I ride or race, Racing especially. How am I gonna do? Did I run the right set up? etc... It sounds to me like you're having anxiety more than nerves. Usually once you get on the bike and get a lap or a few miles in, I assume it goes away? Are you a big introvert? Are you nervous of the people, their perception? Maybe sit down and think about it for a minute and try and come up with some reasons that YOU think, you are having anxiety/nerves. We all get them, JS7, RC, me, you, everyone gets them, it just needs to be controlled. I know a lot of guys who will pound a beer or two before riding, it calms them. I don't advocate this whatsoever, but I am telling you what some people have done. Mental preparation is ultimely the key to calming yourself. Prior to ride day, do your pre ride/trip inspections, check your stuff out, go watch some videos on dirt bikes and make some goals for the day. This is a great way to relax in the evening and help you prepare for the race/ride. For me, I am prepping for an 11 hour drive to race in Feb. The nervousness has already kicked in, I have watched countless videos, I am overlooking my bike multiple times, tweaking, riding and doing it again. Then the packing and pre trip so I don't forget anything and be 700 miles away. The nerves are normal, they are what makes this sport so exciting. As soon as I get to the line, kill my bike and prepare to start... My nerves will be through the roof. As soon as they say GO, all nerves are gone, it is time to focus! Find something to focus on, pre ride, driving to ride (Remember goals, and to think about what you want to accomplish) Yoga, Stretching, push-ups, all the night and or morning before. It sounds stupid, but it loosens your muscles, clears your head, and it 100% prepares your mind and body for a beating. Good luck to you my friend.
  9. joey330

    Which 350?

    yea, uncork them and they run like a rap... ape. My 19 FX 350 is lighter than my 18 TE300. Love the bike!
  10. Man, Hans coming in clutch with some of the best advice. LOVE that bike. Congratulations. If you get everything lowered, have it done professionally. A buddy of mine is vertically challenged and his was lowered a tad, and shaved seat... The bike felt great for being lowered 2 inches. Definitely great advice. Getting suspension dialed makes the biggest difference when it comes to riding!
  11. joey330

    What dirtbike should i buy?

    Agreed with Hevy. If you're set on those 2 models, I suggest the 250. More power, easier to lug. The 125 is a bike you need to be ON. Budget, good question. 2T, if you're new to working on motors.
  12. joey330

    Rekluse Models

    I'd have to say possible user error. Reckluse would easily make things right if it was on their end. He should contact them if he had everything set up properly.
  13. joey330

    Rekluse thread #243

    Yes more plates. Takes 15 minutes maximum installing, 15 to break it in as per manual. Totally worth the time! I agree. The LHRB is tits! I don't run one, but I will if I find a cheap hydraulic clutch set up I can buy and turn into 1. It definitely makes descending a lot easier, and not as sketch, I'm that retard that Yolos down hills, I think a LHRB might be my saving grace one of these times. On a 4T, I'll never run without a Reckluse again.
  14. joey330

    why would the dealership recommend me the fc350?

    I disagree with the FE, but that is just my riding style I guess. I have a 19 fx and love it. Hard enduro on a 4t, I love the bike. FX has same motor as FC with 6 gears, enduro spec'd with 18, kickstand, etc.. Missing a headlight, which... stock headlights are garbage anyways, upgrade to a good one on any bike. I added a Reckluse and sold my new 300 to buy another 2020 model 350. I dislike the FE for a first choice, but that is personal preference and we all have opinions! That dealer probably wanted to get rid of old inventory, pretty scummy and was trying to take you for your money. That would make me buy elsewhere next time. I am lucky with an amazing dealer and refuse to buy anywhere else. Would it work, yes... but the FX would have been the best suggestion to give you the best of both sides.