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  1. The decals / sticker was already installed when I bought the bike. ManFug
  2. I'm noticing a couple little bobbles , but nothing major. It's holding really well. ManFug
  3. Right on great looking bike. Here are a couple pictures of mine with similar mods. Cee Bailies Fairing Xrs Only Case Saver TCI Luggage Rack with ridding Bags Xrs Only Chain Guide Xrs Only Foot Pegs FMF Power Bomb Header Evo Big Gun Exhaust The lights you have are bitchen! I would like to do the same for mine. Is installing the LEDs difficult to do? Talk1395891953.984038.jpg] ManFug
  4. ManFug

    Show your PIG

    Ya know I'm not quite sure. I will have to pull the owners manual & see what it is. I haven't gotten into that part yet. ManFug
  5. ManFug

    Show your PIG

    What are you referring to? ManFug
  6. ManFug


    I just recently replace the stock exhaust on my 2008 xr650L. I have no use for it, going to find a new home at the landfill.
  7. ManFug

    Show your PIG

    Latest upgrade, FMF PowerBomb & Evo Big Gun Exhaust. Let the b*tch roar.
  8. Did you have to do anything else other than changing the jets? For example, shim / adjust the needle or mess with the pilot?
  9. ManFug

    Show your PIG

    Here is a couple pictures of my pot-belly...
  10. ManFug

    Cee Baileys Super Sport Windshields

    Highly recommend if you will be riding on the highway.
  11. 1 review

    DESCRIPTION Two different shields available to suit your riding needs. First is the commuter that was developed for the sit down seeking the most protection. Next is the Super Sport with excellent aesthetics and yet it still provides adequate torso protection. It was designed for the off road enthusiast or stand up riders who like to ride hard. Both shields enhance rider comfort by diverting the ram air up higher. The result is relief from tired wrists and arms that can occur even on short rides. Installation requires drilling four holes into the number plate and all hardware with instructions are included. For the upper two holes we provide extra spacers so you can adjust the rake angle. Once installed the Commuter measures about eight inches above the top of the number plate while the Super Sport measures about six
  12. ManFug

    TCI Products Denali Luggage Rack

    Made a world of difference on what I can pack on the bike.
  13. 1 review

    Description: The TCI Products Denali rack features a top rack and side supports for saddlebags. The side supports are designed to work with Nelson-Rigg CL-855 or Motocentric saddlebags. They feature specific connector points for the bags providing a clean installation. Constructed of powder coated mild steel for strength and longevity. The rack and pannier supports are designed as one piece and can not be separated. All mounting hardware is included for an easy installation. The rack kit can be removed in minutes. Hand made by craftsmen in the USA. All luggage is sold separately. Rear rack measures 17" front x 14" rear x 10" long. Total rack width of 30". Weighs 9.68 lbs. Note: Most street legal dual sports will require relocation of the rear turn indicators for clearance. Any hardware and wiring is provided. Fits: Honda XR650L '94-up
  14. ManFug

    Big Gun EVO R Slip-On

    One word.....Bitchen!
  15. ManFug

    FMF Racing Powerbomb Header

    One word.....Bitchen!