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  1. jlutsey

    lost compression on 02 xr400

    Hey Guys thanks for the input. as far as the hours go, i know it's on it's second set of dunlops but other than that i'm not sure. as far as the decompression lever, it only "catches" at the last little bit of the pull so the first part of the pull is all slack. i'm not sure how to adjust it. also any help on setting the valves would be great!!. Thanks again.
  2. just bought a used xr400 in great shape but has a good bit of hours on it. The problem is that it seems to not have much compression whiole trying to kick start it. on my other xr400, i could slowly push the kick down a few times until it built compression and then start from the top of the stroke to crank it. This one will not build much compression on the kick start and is a bear to start when cold. the only compression seems to be at the end of the stroke before the kick starter hits the peg. Is this a "compression" problem that could be remidied with new rings or would it be a valve problem. once the bike is running, it does good, but doesn't seem to pull as hard as my last bike. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. jlutsey

    suspension too stiff on yz250

    thanks. any more info would be great
  4. I just recently purchased a used yz250 and the previous owner had the front and rear suspension reworked by Pro action and i was very happy with the way things were. Of course two weeks the oil seals started to leak. To make a long story short, i successfully changed the seals but the incompetents at my local dealership told me that each fork would only require about 10 oz of oil each. I bought 1 bottle and come to find out, it take about 19oz. Now its 11:00pm and I'm due to ride out of town for the weekend so i read in several places on line that you can use automatic transmission oil instead, which is what i ended up doing for lack of another option. Results are very smooth action with no bottoming, and no leaks. The problem is that now the forks seem very stiff in the breaking bumps and smaller bumps but it handles excellently on jumps with no bottoming. My question is can i change to "compression" by changing the oil level/weight and does any body have an idea as to what "weight" the transmission fluid might be? it was Exxon brand in the red bottle. I have already softened the compression as much as it will go. sorry to be so long winded but any advice would help. thanks
  5. jlutsey

    Wambaw Update?

    I just talked to the lady in the offfice and she said to keep calling but it's looking like the first of Jan. I can't imagine what is taking so long.
  6. jlutsey

    Off topic question on CR vs YZ

    Thanks for the info guys , please keep it coming. another thought. I've seen alot of stock bikes and alot with aftermarket pieces. what would you think is the most important aftermarket piece to look for that is already on the bike and what would be some to watch out for? There are alot out there to choose from and i just want to make sure to get the right one. seems like an 01 cr250 might be the best bike as far as the motor and suspension? Thanks Josh
  7. jlutsey

    Off topic question on CR vs YZ

    Thanks for the speedy reply but when you mean slow, just how slow are you talking. It's still a 250. How about the difference in suspension and steering? josh
  8. I know this is not the place but i could find no better. I'm in the market for a used two stroke and i'm torn between the CR and the YZ 125 vs the 250. Do any of you guys have an opinion on the 2001 models vs the 2002 models as those seem to be in my price range. I'm a pretty experienced trail rider on the four strokes and have been doing a lot more MX riding but not on the two strokes. I don't plan to race, just want something that is more suited to the track vs the trail. whats the biggest difference btween the two makes and do you think i would find the 125 lacking in power for when i do get more experienced on the track? I'm 6'1 and 180lbs if that makes any diffence. I would like to run a four stroke but they are too expencive and i hear they have valve problems. I know that the two stroke will need to be rebuilt but it's a lot easier than the four stroke to rebuild. any info would be appreciated. :confused:Thanks Josh
  9. Thanks for all of the info guys, the knowledge and experience on this board is second to none. I think i'm leaning to a 250 or 125 2 stroke as of now. I spend so much more time at the track and seem to enjoy the whole "jumping" thing alot more than the trail riding. now that i've put it down a few times from the front end washing out in turns, it's been hard to get my confidence back and it just seems like it will never get right.. I also made the mistake of taking a few laps on a buddies cr250 factory bike and realized what i could be doing. the 400 just exhuast me on the track and the cr was like riding a rail. who knows? i do have the bike for sale in the bikes for sale column if anybody is interested. Thanks for the help. ps can you still be on the board if you ride a 2-stroke?
  10. Im trying to figure out what i need/can do to make the bike a little more friendly on the track. I've got plenty of power and have the gearing the way i like it, now i'm trying to get the suspension set up properly. I'm about 6'1 and 195 lbs. the thing i don't like about the setup now is that if i land long on a jump i tend to bottom out the front and then the bike likes to take a hop back in the air before settling back down. I don't know if it's the compression i need to change or the rebound. should just look to replace the entire fork system? have any of you guys done mods to aid in motocross riding specifically, and what were the results? anybody changed the rake of the front forks to make them longer? Anybody installed the summers fork brace and what do you think about it? any help or recommendations will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks Josh
  11. jlutsey

    aligning front forks

    i took a pretty nasty spill the other day and turned my front wheel out of alignment and i was wonderining if anyody had a effective/practical way to get them back to the centered position. Theu look like they are straight now but it still just doesn't feel right. i don't know if it's just my imagination or if they are actually Still not true. The front end seems to want to wash out a little more easily now and it seems a little harder to get it to turn to the right when i'm leaning into a turn. The bike is a xr400 with stock suspension. any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. jlutsey

    stock carb for sale.

    nortexed, how about a hundred bucks and i'll ship it to you. let me know if that's crazy.
  13. jlutsey

    stock carb for sale.

    I know this is not the for sale page but i was just wondering if anybody would be interested in a barley used stock carb from a 2002 xr 400. Make an offer and she's yours.
  14. jlutsey


    thanks for the reply. just wanted to make sure i wasn't going in the wrong direction.
  15. jlutsey