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  1. Wybs

    farklers new best friend

    I am finding the website is tough to find what you want to get, but the catalog helps point you in the right direction - they will send you one. Bottom line, stuff they consider "normal" is very cheap and really all they want to do
  2. Wybs

    farklers new best friend

    Hey it's been a while, but I just had a demo for a company that is basically like mcmaster-carr, but everything is 100% customizable and had to share the news (Sorry I couldn't word that so it didn't sound like a radio ad). In other words, if you need that little plate or bracket, you can go online, pull up the exact stock you want, put holes in it, tap it, bend it, plate it and watch the cost adjust live to reflect how much work you are making them do - all with no minumum order - all made and delivered in 6 days I have no interest in this company, but this is so cool I had to let you know. I know 3/4 or more of my project is usually spent getting the the right size peice of whatever to start with. A bent plate with holes... is only $10-20 and the site walks you thru designing it.. They even bend SS pipe to order http://us.misumi-ec.com/ I know this is a little commercial - BUT hopefully it won't get removed BECAUSE for the average joe farkler being able to get the right material to start at a reasonable price is a game changer Again - I have no interest in this company, however if I was smarter I would buy stock happier farkling
  3. Wybs

    What can I get for my 2005 DR650 SM?

    I would think you could find someone like Zaya76 above, trade them the wheels and fork for their stock wheels and fork (plus a pale of $) - or find/sell the stuff on eBay, then sell your DR with stock wheels and fork for most of what you would get as it sits. I just sold my DR and I would guess I got about $500 on the $1000 or so in mods. as for sweat equity = zero return. I put it up for what I would want out of it and found a buyer, my backup plan was to strip it down over the winter. Maybe try that, if you don't get what you want start tearing goodies off
  4. Wybs

    ideas to make getting it in/out of the car easier?

    Nice Job- I like the one go part. I've never stopped (except to pee) on a road trip. Done cross country here in 47 hours, winter, never even shut off the engine. Did alaska to NY last year, 3 guys, 4100 miles only stopped to eat and swim a few times, about 75 hours
  5. Wybs

    Swingarm: What alloy of Aluminum?

    Hard to believe it is anything other than 6061. The texture looks like it and not sure there are any other alloys you can bend and weld except maybe 7075 and that is more expensive and hard to believe zuk would do that. Don't know for sure though http://www.ehow.com/how_7598977_test-6061-7075-aluminum.html this is a homebrew test to compare/distinguish 6061 vs 7075. If you have a peice of known 6061 I would think you could verify the swingarm is the same using this test
  6. A while back I asked for input on the value of my 2001 DR650 with farkles and 53K Answer $1900 with all spares and goodies. I put it on craigslist friday AM and it was gone at lunch. I listed it at 2100 and figured an offer of 1800 or less would be countered by goodies coming off. The guy had owned a pre 96 650 and really seemed to appreciate (most of) my work. I am sure a lot of the knowledge I gained here helped, being well informed and having good answers/reasons goes a long way in getting the trust working. The bike was also in a good point for consumables - tires better than half and chain set measured in spec... Other than a slight weep at the valve cover it was in perfect working order best answer - ? how do I know that's the actual mileage (I have a vapor and you can set that wherever you want) answer "if I wanted to cheat on the mileage I would not have set it to 53,000" I will miss that bike, but they will make more and I will probably own one again. For now I need to downsize/simplify and my 650 vstrom is getting what I need done. I still have my job, but research in this country is going away and I am trying to get things in order for my second career - you know "do you want fries with that". hopefully it won't come to that Cheers wybs
  7. Wybs

    How many miles is a lot for a DR650?

    53,000 miles here - all sunday rides to church runs and handles like new - actually much better 3rd chain set, new rear axle and bearings all other bearings/pivots are in great shape burns no oil, no smoke at start, valves hold adj well not much to say they just keep going
  8. Wybs

    DR650 Buell Headlight Mod

    Great plan - I was looking at my garage to see if I had pics of that and you can see there are 3 revisions (well I can see that anyway). Basically raw buell, stock dash then the buell was lifted up and mounted on the new dash. I did that for a few reasons, one was I wanted to get some real wind protection from the buell (copied height/angle from a BMW 650) another was to mount the vapor and a 12v cig lighter - oh crap I just dated my dash:lol:should be a USB port
  9. Wybs

    DR650 Buell Headlight Mod

    The DR is still charging the battery (a little) when running the high and low beams at the same time. I have a thread somewhere called DR generator capacity or something like that where I charted the voltage at 3000 RPM's. bottom line is the DR can handle 2 55watt bulbs and have a little to spare. Break even point was setting the handwarmers on lo with both lights on. Setting the H/W'ers on hi with both lights lit dropped the voltage below the batteries normal voltage (12.6 or so). I just replaced my 2001 battery last year, so I am quite sure there are no long term ill affects. For peice of mind I do shut most stuff off a few miles from home. As for the wiring mess - IMO it's mostly zuk's mess, my end is pretty neat. When I went HID I put the nice shiny box between the buell brackets so when you look thru the buell screen you mostly see that. Short of a full rewire - you'll have that mess. I also built a custom dash that I was able to stuff most of it into which cleans it up from the bottom
  10. Wybs

    Suggestion on Trail Tech Vapor Setting?

    I have the temp on the spare oil drain plug. I set the low to 200F and the high to 220 or 230. the 200F really only lights up on hot days in traffic. I set it low cause I often cover the cooler on cold days, so the light (if it ever came on) would remind me to uncover the cooler. I set the shift stuff high,the flashing bothered me. It's pretty obvious when the motor gets above 6
  11. Wybs

    value of a farlked 2001 650 with 50K+ on it?

    Farkles - the ideas we create while drinking a beer staring at our rides figuring out how to make them better, faster, cooler or just unique Thanks for the insight and price point. Yea most of the "comparables" I see have less than 10K - how do you ride a DR less than that in 10 years??? I don't see many bikes at all in western NY and I agree there is a difference, I think mostly due to lack of numbers. I know I sold my BMW in one day and had 2 other buyers - 2 of the 3 said they were sick of seeing the perfect bike in california or arizona. I had to drive 6 hours just to find a Vstrom, and really hasn't been a decent one for sale in my area all spring. I think I will take the summer to think about it and if I sell it I will defarkle it over the winter. defarkle - to take off all the cool stuff you spent hours and even days turning vague concepts into hard metal, bolting them on your ride, only to have some jackass lowball you on Ebay Cheers
  12. Sorry - yea this is the what's it worth question. Even sorrier to admit I might be selling her. I have found my new to me Vtsrom 650 suits my riding style better than the DR. At the same time it has 52K on it, folks here might know it has a lot more life, but selling it is another story. I also have a lot of time and $ into setting it up that I won't get much out of if I sell it. So without biasing anyone with my number here's the specs: more than half the tread left on rear front is better corbin seat custom dash with vapor custom alum rear rack (billett bros style) joe rocket soft bags buell with HID on the hi set up with buell windscreen for warm riding and natinal cycle deflector for cold chain and sprockets in middle of life superbrace fork brace utah skid plate modded to mount off frame bolt and stretched to use rear mounts (no frame clamps) handwarmers, enduro eng handguards very little corrosion, wheels shine nicely That's about it Thanks for the help, this is a tough choice
  13. Wybs

    DR-650 Crank-case vent

    Are you still running the custom plumbing that vents the oil fill plug, inspection plug and the OEM crank case vent? If not why not?
  14. Wybs

    ebay SPORTIVA xenon hid light

    I have been running the DDM for almost 2 years now, no problems. Seems like a very well made kit, nice heavy wires/connections/shrink wrap... If I have one bitch it is the time it takes to get to full power. I have it on the high side only only a buell and it takes about 10 seconds to fill out. after that the light is awesome