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  1. sceason

    I want some Fat Bars, what's best clamp?

    Bronco, did you prefer the BRP's or Tags? I checked BRP's website... what exactly did you use? Both trees on just the top clamp? Black/gray colored? What 1 1/8th size bar would you suggest for someone 5'8"?
  2. I'd like to put on a bigger/better set of bars on my "S", and want to get the fatter bars to cut down on vibrations. I guess I either need to buy a new top clamp take the stock ones to a machine shop and have them drilled/honed out to 1 1/8th. I'm looking for recomendations on materials and process? As always, thanks guys!
  3. sceason

    Help w/ son's YZ80 carb or electrical problem.

    Didn't see anything significant. Guess it's ok then? We have a TT race tomorrow so we'll see how she goes! I'll check back in by Sunday!
  4. sceason

    Help w/ son's YZ80 carb or electrical problem.

    Didn't see anything significant. Guess it's ok then?
  5. sceason

    Can Amatuer Put "E" Baske Gasket on "S"

    Man I'm lucky then b/c my son's YZ80 sprang a leak last winter, and I replace the head gasket, which included inspecting the piston/ring and I put it back togather not knowing any better! I'll never do that again!
  6. sceason

    Can Amatuer Put "E" Baske Gasket on "S"

    Do the rings wear out that fast?
  7. sceason

    3X mod etc. hp increase?

    I did the 3x3 mod, and installed the Dj kit w/ 25 pilot, needle 4th clip, 140 mj, extended fuel screw 3 turns out, SS float bowl screws, etc. My bike runs great. Much improved... just wondered how much actual gain (approx.) did I get? From ___ to ___? Anyone dyno'd theirs and care to share it? I'm at work and can't get the search function to work so thought I'd ask. Oh yeah, I kept my quite stock exhaust.
  8. sceason

    Surging / Flat spot at higher RPMs on "S"

    I agree, turn the screw out to 3 turns and see what that does. I did the same mod recently, and it was dead on the money! Never had to even adjust once. DJ needle, 4th clip, extended fuel screw 3 turns out, 25 pj, and 140 mj. BIG diff. for the better!!!
  9. sceason

    Help w/ son's YZ80 carb or electrical problem.

    I had 2 yr. old duty last night so didn't have time to pull exhaust... but, I'm not confident what to look for. Can you describe in more detail? Am I looking for scratches? Burn marks, carbon buildup? What's the ideal findings, a nice shinny piston? As for reving, it rev'ed better after closing the air screw 1/4 turn. I haven't tried to close it more, but will tonight. I'll also pull the pipe off when I get home. Hopefully you can guide me more on that issue. Thanks again my friend!
  10. sceason

    Help w/ son's YZ80 carb or electrical problem.

    Forgot to add this Q, clearly anyways: I'm not sure if I ruled out the crank bearing as OK or not, but after rechecking your previous e-mail, you said "any" movement in flywheel means bearing is toast. There's s VERY very very small amount of movement, like enough for a layer of oil to keep it lubed (literally), so I'm not sure if it's bad or not... I really had to pull/push back and forth hard to "feel" a little "bumping" feeling... if it's ok, and I think it's ok, then I'll try the PJ. Should I also change the MJ? If so, bigger or smaller?
  11. sceason

    screwed out of a DRZ

    You got the right perspective(IMHO) as far as it wasn't meant to be... whenever I "push" my wll into something, I ALWAYS regret it.
  12. sceason

    Help w/ son's YZ80 carb or electrical problem.

    As for the bearings, I removed crank case, and pulled on flywheel... it "feels" like it has a 1/2 of a paper thin amount of wear. I can feel a bump when I try and pull it back and forth but it's soo small a movement, I'd think it's just enough for oil to get under the bearing for lubing? Or should there be absolutely NO movement? If the jets need replacing, which ones, and bigger or smaller? Does the air screw affect the entire throttle response range or just the idle circuit? The problem feels like a high rpm missfire, but after turning in the air screw, the hesitation/surging condition got less pronounced. I double checked, and gas isn't coming out carb like it was before tearing it down... you have to lean it way over to make it pour out, so I guess I fixed the float level. I'm very grateful for the help Mr. Burned. Wish I could somehow repay the favor!
  13. sceason

    Help w/ son's YZ80 carb or electrical problem.

    OK, what I meant by the MJ isn't "tunable", is its a static, non dynamic item that can only ne changed; it's certaiinly replacable if that hat you meant! The air screw was set by the book at 1 3/4 uurns out. now it's 1 1/2 turns out and running better, (Note:, I thought that controle the idle circuit only... right or wrong?) Does richening up the air screw affect the full range of throttle applications acress all circiuts? (I'm still learning down here) The hesitation is soo bad it almost qualifies as a missfire in my book. Another symption that may be normal/abnormal is the overflow bowl drain seems to drain excessive amounts of raw gas from the small tube running off the backside of the carb. I always wondered if the float got stuck on ossasion, but since tearing down the carb, an cleaning all the circuits, and inspecting all of the moving parts, I didn't find any problems.
  14. Good point! I'll order some news ones later this week I guess.
  15. sceason

    Help w/ son's YZ80 carb or electrical problem.

    Cycle World didnt have plug I needed, and that's the 3rd store I tried. They did have one the was a 1-notch hotter then stock, so I bought 2 of them, It rode ok, but not until aaaI turned air screw in 1/4 turns. Bike still sputters or hesitates somewhat though it is better. If the pilot circuit comtrols 0-~25% of throttle response, then polot seems ok, as I dont/ have a prob. in that range. 25-75% throttle controlled by needle, right? I moved the clip up to 3rd position to lean it a bit and now it smokes like I would expect. I'd bet real $ now that the air/fuel mix is right on the money... DEAD right in fact! Still the hesitation persists. MJ is not adjustable so if it's ok, that makes me think electrical failure, like coil-shorting out. Help me guys. I'm nol longer my kids hero, and now he sees his dad picking fights w/ an object. probably thinking, "poor dad... andtime now he's going to the nut hut to get some help... he's over the edge now".