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  1. Timmer

    did i seze it

    Sounds similar to the problem I had with my 03' CRF450. The kick starter would lock in places and by hard to kick through the stroke. When it was running it would run and bog at time like something was seizing up. After a tear down of the motor the lower crankshaft bearing was shot and would freeze up the crank as it worked through the stroke. One way to check it would be when your top end is apart. You can move the piston and crank up and down freely and see if it moves through the stroke without any binding. Good luck!
  2. I have an 03 CRF450. I just wannt to cover the hoses right behind the exhaust to help it cool alittle bit better. If theres a place that sells like stuff by the foot that would work too. I could cut it to size and clamp it over the old hose just to keep the heat from the pipe from baking the existing hose.
  3. Do you have a link? Or does anyone else know where I can find this?
  4. At the races I have seen some people running these orange or red hose over the top/around of the existing radiator hose behind the head pipe on the fourstrokes. I'm positive it is for stopping heat transfer to the radiator coolant to help the bike stay cooler by just making an extra layer between the coolant and heat. Anyone else seen this?? And where can you get it?? I'd love to do it to my bike.
  5. Timmer

    Arm Pump - Solutions?

    I found that riding at least 3 days a week prior to racing helps me alot. Also having a good cardio base to keep the oxygen flowing through the muscles helps me. Every jump you go over think to yourself to loosen your death grip on the bars and take a deep breath, and remember to grip the bike as much as you can with your legs. They are the about the strongest muscle in the body so it only makes sense to make them do as much work as possible giving your arms a break. I've tried alot of different things and this has seemed to help me the most. Good luck!!
  6. Timmer

    Knee Braces Yes, No - what make?

    I would strongly suggest getting them. I had wanted them for awhile but didnt make a point of getting them. I ended up being out for 3-4 months with a fractured tibia and torn acl. If i had the knee braces it probably would have stopped the hyperextension of my leg reducing or stoping the injury. I know have a cti2 for my injured leg and bought a asterisk for my good leg. I lvoe both these braces and are well worth the money as opposed to the cost of the medical bills after injury. Good luck and Stay safe!!
  7. Timmer

    race gas?

    I've used the VP ulimte 4 fuel in my crf450. The stuff smells funky but it works great!! I am hooked on it although its pretty expensive. But right from the start you will notice a much crisper, faster rev. On the track you should feel it pull alittle harder too. This fuel is strickly for four strokes and its awesome! Good luck if you ever try it!
  8. Timmer

    Protein powder

    I use protein powder to supplement my workouts and help my muscles recover faster so I can workout hard the next day without feeling as fatiqued. I havent had any problems with gas. Not any more than a normal person anyway. I think they work great!
  9. Timmer

    How to get max up fast?

    I agree with what the one guy said about mixing in some negative reps. You could mix in a few sets at bench where the weight may be alittle heavier than what you can handle. But with the help of a partner he can help you get it back up again. Or try bring the weight half way down and pushing it back up. It will prepare your muscles to move the heavier weight all the way through the motion and you can slowly add more motion to it or get your partner to help. You can also try using a weight you normally use or alittle bit less and as you bring the weight all the way down try to push it up in an expolsive type manner. But make sure you are fully stretched and using the proper weight not to injury yourself. This will help with your power at the bottem of the push and quicker your reflex. As you get to heavy weights it may help to get that weight pushed up as you develop the power. Try mixing in a set of these once in a while with regular bench and it should help you move to heavier weight. But like the other guys said too rapid of weight increase ments can cause injury. Good luck and be safe!
  10. Timmer

    what should i do??

    Make sure you dont eat too light. You need those carbs and proteins for energy during your workouts. And if you eat way too light your body starts to think its going into starvation mode and begins to store everything you eat instead of burning it off. Do weight training with the boxflex to get your metobolizim going. Then focus on alot of cardio work. Mountian biking like you said or running, rower machine, eleptical machine. Things that use full body motions work great. If you can get 4 days off cardio in for about 20 minutes each and continue to eat healthy but not too little the pounds should slowly melt away. Good luck with it!!
  11. Timmer

    Will 03 exhaust fit an 02?

    Yes the mounting is different. I jsut had a guy come to compare the 03' to see if it would fit his 02'. It would modification to make it work.
  12. Timmer

    Brace question...

    Yeah I agree. They will fit under your boot, just need to loosen it up alittle at the top. Otherwise they are a great brace!!
  13. Timmer

    People from MN

    The staples indoor track is alot of fun. I raced there last winter and cant wait for the start this winter. November 28th!!! Hope i'm ready after being out most of the summer from breaking my leg and blowing out my knee.
  14. Becareful with this. If your insurance limit is used up from doctor visits and what not you can just stuck paying 1200 dollars. My plan covered anything up to about 3500 dollars. But that got used up from MRI and other visits. So by the time it came to get the brace the plan switched over to where I had to pay the next 1500 and then they would cover anything after that at an 80/20. So just make sure you will really only be paying 100 or your insurance covers it. The CTI's are worth it though. I love the one I have!!! Just got stuck paying in full for it.