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  1. CRFThumper

    oil problem

    k in the meantime we took everything apart and found that the pump is indeed pumping both sides of the pump.There is a little play between the outer roter and the gearshaft,guessing the dowel pin and or the shaft have some wear.Still nothing on the dip stick!!! Pumped oil out of the port on the left side great! Blew all the lines out again still no matter what I do nothing on the stick! What next? lol
  2. CRFThumper

    oil problem

    Also, when you say to put a piece of hose on the oil pump to spin it, are you talking about a piece of 3/4 tubing directly on the oil pump gear?
  3. CRFThumper

    oil problem

    Not as much as one would think. I did not measure each side inependently. I found one of your old threads, pulled the covers and went I spin the oil pump gear counter clockwise oil comes out of the port. Thanks for any help.
  4. CRFThumper

    oil problem

    Ok,so we have a 08 yz450.My son rides it and last fall he had a "get off" and broke his arm.the bike has sat for aout 4 months.last week he got the ok to ride again so I start getting it ready,I start the bike to warm the oil to change after no more than 20 sec's he comes running out sayin he had draind the oil!!So we put the correct amount of oil in it and started it up with no problems.however after letting it run for a min or so and waiting another few mins to check it there was no oil on the dip stick!started it back up and loosend the "oil pres check bolt" and it is pumping out of there.I then drained the oil and got back 1.1 liters.Did the whole process again with the same results. No matter what I do I can not get oil on the dip stick! I did put a piston in it before the fall but in the 20 min's of riding before the fall everything was fine! I am stuck on this one,any ideas?
  5. CRFThumper

    05-11 YZ 250 Stroker and Big Bore

    CRFThumper, your info on that 151 and 167 are interesting. I wonder what application the piston comes from. I may be getting a YZ125 this week as a play/project bike, and I may do some kind of long rod, stroker, big bore kit of my own. Not sure but wisco told me it was a "maxx power" piston and had to be bought from them.It is my understanding that wisco bulit this piston for maxx power.It is a little higher priced than a stock piston but not bad.They do such good work that for us it is worth the money,the bike runs smoother now than when it was stock!Not cheap but way cool!lol
  6. CRFThumper

    05-11 YZ 250 Stroker and Big Bore

    We have or had a max power 151,it was a rocket and held up very well!We got 60 hours out of the crank and would do pistons every 15 hours!Last month the old "we will ride it one more time then re do it " got me!Piston came apart and took everything with it.Sent it back up to Josh at maxx power and he said he "could" weld the cly and replate it,but he would just do the 167.So he bored all the damage out of the cly, cut the head,new rod kit in the crank and we were ready to go! Whole differnt motor! Lot of low to mid and does not rev like the 151 still a great motor,really strong and 4 strokeish.They use shorter pistons to get the room they need.No spacer plates needed the only way you could tell it was done is by the shorter reach plug.There is nothing cheap about any of this but it is a really cool setup!My 15 year old rides it in B class and does well with it cool to see the baby 2t hole shot the 4t's!
  7. CRFThumper

    05-11 YZ 250 Stroker and Big Bore

    maxx power.com
  8. CRFThumper

    Yz144 vs Yz250 vs 250F

    We have a nice yz 167 for sale! If interested pm me.
  9. CRFThumper

    Yz250 clutch cable too long

    Make sure the pres plate is installed right!On the 125's it will only work if lined up right,pull the cover and see if u can "wiggle" the plates if so remove the plate and spin it until there is no slack in the plates. good luck!
  10. CRFThumper

    New 11 YZ 125?

    Cool bike!We have run DEP pipes forever,the only problem we had with the "shorty" was it blew rite on the side panel and over time would stain and deform the panel! Simple fix was to drill the rivets and spin the end cap away from the panel!I like the newer style that is longer and has 2 mounting points like the stocker!Cant do wrong with either one!
  11. CRFThumper

    Transmission went dry, drain plug hole cracked...

    plus 1 on the top end,sounds like not enuff squeeze!
  12. I was refering to the 144 harrperf is working on!Guess that was in another thread.
  13. We just got our 2nd stroker from max power,this one being the 167 if it pulls as hard as the 151 wih more mid we will be very happy!I am keeping an eye on this thread to see how this 144 works out!
  14. CRFThumper

    2002 YZ 250 Dirt Getting Past Air Filter

    How are you cleaning the filter?
  15. CRFThumper

    YZ 250 Seat Cover

    SDG they can help you out with everything from new seat to foam!!