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  1. 2006ktm105sx

    What bike should I buy

    I have had my KTM since 2012 and i STILL have the spark plug it came with in it, and yes the jetting was off the first 2 times ive blown the KX up but now i have it fine tuned and its still sower then the 105, and ive beat 125 2 smokers and 250 strokers on the track, and im trying not to dis on the Kawasaki but thats my experience with them and since iver rebuilt it i havent had a problem with it. yes kawasaki is pretty much bullet proof, but im just trying to say that i havent had a problem with my KTM, BUT i did have my KTM fine tuned when rebuilt it. (im not talking crap about kawasaki, these were just my experience of them, not trying to start an argument )
  2. 2006ktm105sx

    What bike should I buy

    ok so i have a 2006 KTM 105sx and a 2008 KX 100 and the KX has had some work done to it ( ported and polished, FMF system, boysenn reeds etc...) but my 105sx is mostly stock (FMF silencer and valve force reeds) and the 105 absolutely whoops the KX in speed, suspension and weight!!! but the one thing i like about the KX is the grunt of a low end on it, the KTM has a 14/49 gear ratio and the KX has a 14/50 Gear ratio. the KX would be a better woods bike in my opinion, and the KTM would be better for the track. And as far as work and reliability my 105 starts every day with no problems, but the KX ive had some issues with. (BOTH bikes were rebuilt by factory mechanics) the KX has blown up 2 times on me and ive done the same amount of oil changes ETC... (i run the same gas in both) but rebuilding the KX is ALOT cheaper!!! KTM parts are just out right expensive!! even the oil for the KTM is $16 a liter!! but its a hell of a lot easier to to oil changes and regular maintenance!! But as far as witch is better its all personal preference, i LOVE my KTM and not so much the Kx!! If you take care of the KTM and if anything catastrophic happens to it TAKE IT TO A KTM DEALER!!!! they are WAY different then a JAP bike!!! And if you take care of it you should have no problems with the KTM ( Oil changes, filter cleaning, grease bearings ETC...)
  3. 2006ktm105sx

    ktm 105 fireing issues

    Nvm it was the spark plug cable grounding out on the frame
  4. 2006ktm105sx

    ktm 105 fireing issues

  5. 2006ktm105sx

    ktm 105 fireing issues

    ok I was in the middle of a race and I lost most of my power of my ktm 105sx I replaced my spark plug witch has small cracks on it, I have most of my power band now. BUT when i get about half way through my power band it starts to spit and sputter like its only fires half the reps, its idles and acts fine though . wandering what is wrong and how to fix it please help maybe timing off, or spark plug cables?????? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
  6. 2006ktm105sx

    2 stroke rev limiters

    i have a KTM 250 sx and it DOES have a rev limiter and i know its not the max rpm it bounces the RPMS
  7. 2006ktm105sx

    07 ktm 105sx or kx 100

    I have a 2006 KTM 105 sx and i race in supermini and school boy and i have raced many kx 100. I have to say the kx is a nice bike but the KTM is a little lighter with more HP but if you brake something on a KX you can find parts easily. But with the 105 its HARD TO FIND PARTS AND WHEN YOU DO ITS EXPENSIVE. But this is an excellent bike for any body who wants to get out of 85cc class.