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  1. agaetano12

    04 crf250r exhaust smoking

    Hi guys I juts got a 250r with an aftermarket FMF "power core 4" exhaust, I'm new to 4 strokes so I wouldn't know but the bike gets really hot I didn't know if this is normal, and when I turn the bike off once it's been running, smoke slowly rises out of the exhaust pipe. Is this normal
  2. agaetano12

    Crf250r first gear stall

    thanks for the help, will do
  3. agaetano12

    Crf250r first gear stall

    just bought the bike yesterday
  4. agaetano12

    Crf250r first gear stall

    The shifting is working fine now... I'm guessing the oil was too thick and when it warmed up enough everything freed up and started working fine?
  5. agaetano12

    Crf250r first gear stall

    well it just randomly started working again. Maybe it was because it wasn't all the way warmed up?
  6. agaetano12

    Crf250r first gear stall

    is this something that is going to hurt the bike of I leave it alone?
  7. agaetano12

    Crf250r first gear stall

    I just got a 2004 crf250r and when I pull in the clutch and shift it into first it stalls. The only way to get it into first without it stalling is to give it a little gas and shift simultaneously. Once the bike is In first everything runs fine and it can be rolled backward and everything. Is this normal?
  8. agaetano12

    4 stroke header

    Hi guys I am new to the 4 stroke world and I was wondering if it is normal for the header to get substantially hot even though the bike had only been idling and slightly revving for like 20 seconds
  9. agaetano12

    Bogging out crf

    Lol thanks for the help man
  10. agaetano12

    Bogging out crf

    Should I just get them adjusted
  11. agaetano12

    Bogging out crf

    Hi guys I just got a 2004 honda crf250r when I start it and let it idle for a bit to warm it up the bike runs great, but when I give it twist the throttle really quick the engine either starts to lose power or sometimes the engine will just quit. When I somewhat gradually give it gas it's works just fine. It only acts up when I twist the throttle really fast. What do you guys think is wrong? Thanks
  12. agaetano12

    2006 rmz250

  13. agaetano12

    2006 rmz250

    Hey guys I am trading my 2003 kx250 to this guy with a 2006 rmz250. I was wondering if you guys know any problems with this year bike or this bike in general. Thanks
  14. agaetano12

    Red sticker vs black sticker

    Why are there people like you on here