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  1. Doug997

    TT-R50E Hard to Shift

    I bought a TT-R50E in October and it has the same problem. The dealer did not have a clue as to how to fix it. Since, I'm the one riding the bike, it's not a problem for me. I certainly understand how it could be a problem for a 6 or 7 year old. Hopefully, Yamaha will fix it in the future. Good luck!
  2. Doug997

    Pics of my TTR on the track

    What track are you riding on in Florida? Thjanks,
  3. Doug997

    Taming the YZ450 Beast????

    Go down one tooth on the rear sprocket. This will tame the bike considerably. The heavier flywheel is also a great idea. Try the sprocket first, it's less expensive.
  4. Doug997

    TTR 50 kick starter

    I purchased a new 2006 TT-R50E two months ago for myself. This little bike is awesome. The electric start is the way to go especially for little kids. The kick starter aftermarket kit from Yamaha GYT-R runs about $300. You truly don't miss the extra weight from the starter and battery, especially for beginner riders. I love this bike.
  5. Doug997

    new chain and sprockets for 04 yz450

    With a bike as powerful as a 450F, you should always replace sprockets when replacing the chain. You would eventually ruin your new chain if the sprockets are worn. The teeth will be curled forward. Replace your sprockets.
  6. Doug997

    breaking in new 05 yz450?

    Break it in as the manual instructs. Always make sure that you change your oil ofter. This will always keep a four stroke running forever.
  7. Doug997

    Stolen bike 2004 yz450f

    Get the VIN # posted ASAP. If you're a member with the AMA or an other organization, post the information ASAP. Good luck.
  8. This depends on you. If it's a deal like that, I would buy it. I paid top dollar for my 2004 YZ 450F. I've been racing it for two years, and have yet to have a problem with it. Just make sure that you change the oil consistently. I also paln on keeping this bike for a long time. Good luck.
  9. Typically, the old bearings can be tapped out using a socket that matches the size of the bearing. I do not suggest that you use heat on the swingarm or linkage. You can replace the bearing the same way you would remove the old bearings by tapping them back in using a socket and a hammer. This would not be the preferred method. Take your linkage or swingarm to a machine shop or another local automotive shop and have them press them in. Bearings are expensive, so you don't want to replace them if they get ruined. Call the shops first before you go.
  10. Doug997

    New TT-R50E

    I just purchased a new Yamaha TT-R50E. Besides GYTR aftermarket parts, are there any other companies that sell aftermarket parts? By the way, this bike is awesome!
  11. Doug997

    04' 450 starting trouble!

    Cortez450, I had the same problem recently. I actually took the carb off and cleaned it with carb cleaner. Make sure to remove the jets, spray the carb with the cleaner and it should run perfectly. Good luck!
  12. You can purchase a reusable oil filter from Scotts. It runs about $70.00. If you buy it through a local dealer, they'll probably charge you $79-85. Good luck.
  13. Doug997

    Bike stalls

    Thank you for the help. I appreciate it.
  14. Doug997

    Bike stalls

    I purchased a new YZ450F in March of 2004. I have only started it a few times and let it run for a couple of minutes, then turned it off. The bike has now been sitting for 5 months. When I start the bike, it will only run with the choke out. Once I push the choke in, it stalls. Can anyone give me some advise. This is the first time that I've owned a four-stroke. If you can help, please do so