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  1. they call me thumper

    No spark

    Hey Brian. I tried everything and then decided to really go to town Wapping on the cdi. Turns out it's the cdi. Do you still fix them for people? If so can you pm me and let me know what you charge and details? Thanks
  2. they call me thumper

    No spark

    Ok will try that and get back to you
  3. they call me thumper

    No spark

    Hey guys, been awhile. So bike sat for two weeks and then wouldn't start. Started for about 10 seconds and died. Won't start now. Tried starter fluid still nothing. Checked spark ...no spark. I looked at the boot and realized it was cracked so I replaced it. Still nothing. Where do I look next? I also tried rapping on the cdi with the back of a screwdriver and no different. Thanks Thumper
  4. they call me thumper

    Help with jetting a xr650l

    The post in the link also talks about jet sizes. Fyi
  5. they call me thumper

    Help with jetting a xr650l

    If taking the carb off yourself doesn't scare you then working on it shouldn't. With this site it's easy. Here read this. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1075212-daves-modim-scared/?fromsearch=1 This was my first post and my noobnes shows lol but lots of great info from alot of people alot smarter than me
  6. they call me thumper

    Help with jetting a xr650l

    It's Dave's mod and it's worth the 10 minutes more it will take. If you already have the carb out and are changing jets there's really no reason not to. You will probably want to go a small amount leaner than the jetting recommended on Dave's mod sick keeping the exhaust stock but it's a crap shoot on getting it right the first try.
  7. they call me thumper

    How to convince parents to let me buy a dirtbike?

    Woooohoooooo!!!! I actually cheered out loud when I read you got a bike!! Congrads! Don't worry what type of bike it is, you've got their permission now. So have fun on this one til you outgrow it and trade it in for something better. So happy for you!
  8. they call me thumper

    Auxiliary lighting dilemma

    Juuuuust right. Leds are the shit So is that your actual set up or is that just for laughs?
  9. they call me thumper

    Should I buy XR650L? Help

    Welcome to the club. First order of business, take your wallet out, grab all the cash out of it, set it on fire and get used to it being significantly thinner Cause once the upgrade bug bites you...it's over Jk these are great bikes. Just check the oil OFTEN! keep it fresh and use good gas and it will last forever
  10. they call me thumper

    Should I buy 2002 XR650L for $3,500

    Yea I'm of the opinion that's too old for a bike that old. I'd pay no more than 3k
  11. they call me thumper

    new xr600r rider

    There's one way to tell! Jk take ur easy and don't hurt yourself, although you don't learn new skills if you never push the envelope.
  12. they call me thumper

    new xr600r rider

    Now wheelie that shit!
  13. they call me thumper

    Xr650l Oil Cooler Mod - Redneck Engineering

    Hmmmmm that's an interesting concept
  14. they call me thumper

    Glad I own a 650

    Build thread!!!
  15. they call me thumper

    Recently bought an 650l, few questions

    250 is on the high side of normal. I run at about 230-240 all day and when I'm romping on it I hit 250 all the time. I don't start to worry til 275 or higher and don't shut it down rule 280-285