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  1. motodude42

    2007 YZ450F and Light Weight Rider

    Thanks a ton Mark for the reply. I will get the springs in and give that a try. I appreciate your advice.
  2. motodude42

    2007 YZ450F and Light Weight Rider

    Will I be able to compensate with valving for the shock spring being to stiff for my weight? Should I concider aftermarket valving front / rear as well? Thanks...
  3. Hoping someone could give me a little help. I have a 2007 YZ450F and I am a 39 year old B rider riding motocross. I weigh a whopping 142lbs without gear. I just ordered new lighter weight springs from Factory Connection. (.43 kg/mm, Fork, and 5.2 Kg/mm shock) I was hoping someone could give me starting point on where to put my compression / rebound after replacing the springs. I was planning on putting everything back to stock settings but if someone could suggestion anything better, please let me know. Also, will the stock valving work for my riding style, weight and ability? If not, I am open to suggestions. Thanks a ton...
  4. motodude42

    Smaller Battery / Airbox Mod

    Did you remove the radiator overflow tank? If so... where do you run the line from the radiator? Also, Where did you mount your on/off switch. I am in the process of making my WR into more of a YZ for some track time.
  5. motodude42

    WR to YZ conversion

    I have stripped my headlight, kickstand, tail light, and odometer off the bike to take it to a local track. I was wondering what to do to remove the radiator overflow tank. Any ideas??? I am leaving the starter and the tranny alone for now though.
  6. motodude42

    Fuel mixture screw

    I used a small little pick and worked it back and forth after spraying a little WD40 on it. Came out fairly easy.
  7. motodude42

    Clarke 2.8 Gallon Tank on 05 WR450

    Did you use the oring or the supplied gasket?
  8. motodude42

    Clarke 2.8 Gallon Tank on 05 WR450

    That makes me wonder if they sent me a YZ model???? The stock tank on a 2005 is 2.1 gallons.
  9. I just installed the Clarke 2.8 on my bike this past weekend. Had a few minor issues. When I pulled the petcock (funny word) off it has the reserve which has two pipes going into the tank. My new Clarke tank only had one hole. I had to drill another one to install the petcock. I installed the petcock on the new tank using the original oring and I could not get it to seal. I removed the oring and used the supplied gasket and so far it is holding tight with no leaks after one ride. The other issue I had....I had to shim down the rubber that goes across the frame under the tank to get the tank mounting bolts to line up. Anyone else have these issue with this tank? It is good to go now, but....I did not feel I should have had to do all of this to get this installed.
  10. motodude42

    Quiet Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Desert racing is a blast. You will definitely find out what kind of shape you are really in. 75 - 100 miles without stopping, except maybe once for gas, will take a lot out of you. Make sure you drink plenty of water. When I raced, I put a bottle of Gatorade along with water to help replenish what I lost. Also, try to get a good start, settle in a good comfortable pace and save a little for the last 25 miles. Don't worry about the people passing you, let them go and race your own race. Most important, have fun
  11. motodude42

    This rear tire works best completely FLAT!

    Way Cool. Looks like a blast. What is the deepest powder that it will handle?
  12. motodude42

    05 WR450 - overheating and other questions

    You can run additives to your coolant to help with overheating. I use a product from Redline called water wetter. Not really sure how well it works, but I have never overheated. http://www.redlineoil.com/products_coolant.asp As far as uncorking your bike, you can remove the entire baffle or drill out the smaller baffle that is held in by rivets. I removed the entire thing and ran for a while like that but ended up buying the Pro Moto Billet baffle. I like this best. More power and a little quieter. Also, remove the air box baffle as well. This will give you about 1/3 more flow, then rejet to compensate and find out what this bike can really do.
  13. I have searched for a pic of an 05 WR450 with a 2.8 or 3.1 Clarke tank and I am not having much luck. Do the original radiator guards and seat fit with these tanks? If someone could send pics to me, that would be way cool. Thanks a ton. craig.hale@us.tel.com
  14. motodude42

    Any complaints on 05's

    I don't have any complaints other than having the smaller 2.1 gallon tank. That can be fixed with an aftermarket. The bike runs strong and handles great.
  15. motodude42

    wax or lube drive chain?

    Clean chain , WD40. Works for me. Don't argue with people that use oils, lubes, waxes. Don't really know what is best. Just know that I have never had any issues with WD40 in the last 20 years of riding and racing.