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  1. I've had this happen also. The nut insert is brass and the bolt is steel. this will cause corrosion which results in what you have happening. Once you get it free, make sure you put some anti-seize on every bolt. I ended up having to buy a new tank also.
  2. I also use No-Toil. It's fast and clean, no bad smells.
  3. Spend some money on a manual. Watch some You Tube videos and learn how to check the can chain. If you take it to a dealer, there WILL be something costly wrong with it.
  4. How much tension is on the clutch lever when you pull it in? If there is none to little, can you turn the clutch lever/shaft at the motor end counter clockwise 360 deg looking down at it from the top?
  5. Get a good graphics kit and cover it up..
  6. Mine will puff a little if you rev it cold. I think mine is excess gas though, as the smoke is black. I never really paid that close attention to it. I try not to rev it until she is warmed up.
  7. Does it happen even after its warmed up. Or only when cold?
  8. When I say I only ride Single Track, I am inferring that I don't ride MX tracks. I use single track generically.
  9. I use these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Aluminum-Radiator-FOR-Yamaha-YZ450F-YZF450-YZ-450-F-YZF-450-2014-2015-2016-/261699591971?hash=item3cee82df23:g:GGcAAOSw7ThUjHM8&vxp=mtr Seem to be good quality, and larger than stock.
  10. I think riding in the sand sucks, Period
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