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  1. ti-ben

    Your riding season

    Well it's very different up here in Montreal, Canada. The shoulder season is not very long. Snow season is from November through April, then May is muddy as hell. End of May and early June it's good, then it's 90 degrees or it rains outside for summer. Back on the bike late August till it snows in November. Long story short, our season is 4 months and you have to be ready for changing weather. You really have to be born here to put up with that.
  2. ti-ben

    500 ecx mx'er.

    I agree with that. I thought my suspension was way too soft for an mx track until I gave it a try with stiffer settings, difference is night and day.
  3. Broke two ribs last year falling straight on one end the handlebar. And that was wearing a good quality roost protector. I just can't imagine what would have happened not wearing it... After reading the posts, seems like the big deal with the body armor is dealing with the heat? Any added benefit on safety?
  4. I have the same question, anyone has any experience to share?
  5. If you want to keep the horn you should think about something that is louder than the stock one. I laughed for 5 minutes when the dealer showed me all the features on the bike and touched the horn button. I really thought that the horn was defective. So now it's in a box with other useful parts like the smog parts, original sprocket and chain and the big ass licence plate / brake light...
  6. ti-ben

    Seat comfort

    That's what i bought and I'm happy with it. The stock seat is a 2x4.
  7. 1- Scotts steering damper, huge improvement. 2- Zeta handguards with integrated led flashers, good product, probend style design and cleans the front end. 3- Seat concept low seat, a LOT more comfortable and lowers just enough for me. Ktm 350EXC-F 2014
  8. There it is. It exploded on a 2014??? I know it's dirty.
  9. ti-ben

    Out the door price KTM 350 exc

    You'd be amazed to see all the taxes we pay, and you'd laugh at how they find new ways do so. All in all I'm taxed 50% for my income, then 15% when I buy something, plate and drivers licence, tire fees, air conditioning fees, luxury car fees, large engine fees, school taxes, municipal taxes. If a car is sold 15 times in its lifetime, it is taxed 15 times.... Probably more than 75% ends up in the government's pockets. Sorry for the rant
  10. ti-ben

    Out the door price KTM 350 exc

    That's the price to pay to keep lazy people happy on their couch drinking beer we pay with our taxes. They steal from us in a legal way instead of breaking into our homes I guess! The plate is so expensive for a reason. We have a mandatory public insurance for the physical damages that can occur when involved in a crash. This system is " no fault" so you can't sue anyone for a car crash. If you break a leg it's worth a fixed amount, etc... This has been great for a long time until politicians started to see this insurance as a new way of taxing people. They took the money that was there to use on other programs and then doubled the fee for the plate and the drivers licence. To plate a speed bike above 400cc, it costs 1127$ per year. The driver licence is another 157$ per year, if you had a ticket in the last 2 years may cost up to 550$. Used to be 92$ every 2 years, 15 years ago.
  11. ti-ben

    Inside a 2014 350 EXC-F muffler

    The only one I had to remove was pressed in.
  12. ti-ben

    Inside a 2014 350 EXC-F muffler

    Yes it's the only one. I thought that they both had the same muffler?
  13. ti-ben

    Inside a 2014 350 EXC-F muffler

    What seems like the bottom of the muffler is in fact the middle, there seems to be more packing in the first half. Here's some pictures of the screen removed.
  14. Just thought some of you might want to see what is inside. Older EXC used to have a smaller diameter piece of pipe inside to lower the sound. There is no such thing in the 2014 model. The little screen at the end of the muffler that you can see from outside (not the spark arrester) is removable. In the 12-13 there is a ring that is screwed and comes off easily, but is welded on the 2014. You can drill a hole in the screen and pry it out. The ring stays there and it makes a nice job.
  15. ti-ben

    Out the door price KTM 350 exc

    12k including taxes in beautiful Quebec. You have to love 15%+ taxes, tire fees and 390$ for the plate every year.