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  1. captb

    DR-Z 400. Enough power?

    If I had to have only one bike it wouldn't be a thumper.
  2. captb

    Craigslist abomination

    I'd offer $500 but he isn't accepting low ball offers.
  3. captb

    Low Oil Pressure Sender

    I used a Buzzer on one of my built engines (1150ES), it would trip on long wheelies but it wasn't a dry sump engine.
  4. captb

    Looks like oil was sprayed on my swingarm

    Looks like the area where the crankcase breather tube would spray, maybe just the over filled oil sprayed out.
  5. captb

    Tecnik Front Fender Anyone?

    I have the SM version, liteweight, no buffeting at hi speeds and max airflow to engine.
  6. captb

    Lets See Your DRZ 400 Gauges

    I found the Voltmeter on Ebay, it's to plug in a cigarette lighter (car), I cut off the extra and sealed it, extended the + - wires. about $8.
  7. captb

    Lets See Your DRZ 400 Gauges

    Lots of info without much weight added.
  8. captb


    When I make a part that piece of metal allways ends up in my finger.
  9. captb

    Looking for a new air filter

    I have Uni, Twin Air and Pro Filter, the Pro Filter seam split after 2 cleanings.
  10. captb

    E model MRD/SSW on S/SM models

    I put a MRD SSW off a SM on my E400, just made a small plate to mount the mid mount.
  11. captb

    Turning a 14T case saver into a 15T one?

    T did mine going from 14 t to 15t on my 04 400E, had to notch my chain slider where it wraps around the swingarm allso...no issues. I allso cut out the slots in my sprocket cover and put white paint on the nut so I can look in to see if the nut ever loosens up, yes I did the locktite mod too.
  12. captb

    Leaning toward D606's.

    I have a 120 TwinDuro to try next but I think the 606 may end up being my fav once I go to a 120.
  13. captb

    I Really Like This - Anybody have One?

    If it's to avoid Photo Radar Cams we would prefer you do your civic duty to rid society of this ripoff.
  14. captb

    Leaning toward D606's.

    I have the 130 rear on my 400E, the 130 is toooo big...but will be nice when worn down some, I'm getting the 606 again, great tire but I'll go with a 120.