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  1. scotty114

    maxxcross IT

    Id also have to agree that the front tire sucks, I really dont know what to run on the front now though, i was thinking about Dunlop 756 but i dont know.. what are some good front tires? Ive been running the Maxxcross IT's and I dont like the front..
  2. scotty114

    05' CRF450R, pipe recommendations

    Wasnt the Dr. D system the best for the 05 CRF? i thought thats what it said but i read it at the beginning of this month, i was thinking about getting a Dr.D
  3. scotty114

    Oversized Brake Rotors?

    Anyone out there ever use oversized rotors? I was just curious i was looking into getting them but i dunno if they are worth the money or if they really work that much better then stock ...any input would be appreciated..thanks
  4. scotty114

    05 450 Motor Mods

    What would be some good motor mods for a 05 crf450? i have it ported and polished, other then that it is stock, any good mods?? cams? what? give me some input..I already have tons of aftermarket parts on the bike, but no motor mods, I also have a stock pipe but will be getting one here in about a week...I know there will be some people who say i shouldnt need motor mods, but they really will help I ride 250B and am about to move up to 250A..thanks for your time...later
  5. scotty114

    CRF450 Riders Ages Please.

    Im 17 i have an 05 450... i got my first 250 2 stroke when i was 14, then i got a KTM 525 when i was 16, then another 250 and now i just turned 17 and have the 05 450....do it up...you wont regret it...in a couple years he will want another 250F though..i sure do..
  6. scotty114

    what should i buy now

    I have Works connection Rad braces,skidplate,holeshot device,caliper guard, FX DX1 backgrounds, black rims, red hubs, motosport outlet graphics, powdercoated metallic like red clamps,motor mount, pipe gaurd, chain guide, ASV pro perch, ASV front brake lever, Works connection hotstart for the throttle side, SDG tall seat, Fastway footpegs,DID gold chain, sunstar sprockets, barnett dirt digger clutch kit, Just got new maxxis maxcross IT tires, I also have port work and the engine was just rebuilt, will be getting a cam somtime soon. Hopefully a pipe soon, and maybe a few other things, thats all on my 05 CRF 450... So bling your bike if you have the money , I race 250 B so...And my bike needed a lot of the stuff on it as well and a lot came from sponsors, I want to get anodized SFB engine covers...
  7. scotty114

    MX Gearing for an 05

    I run stock gearing for outdoors and i got 14 on the front for indoors...works great..
  8. scotty114

    05 CRF450R Clutch Question

    Ive ut 2 clutches in my bike , i get them from Tim Farr (yeah he rides bikes too) out of his 04 crf450 i believe they change them everytime he rides or almost everytime so we get them and i always have a brand new stock clutch for backup, MAKE sure you replace the springs everytime , i didnt replace my springs the first time i did my clutch and it toasted itself in 3 rides..
  9. scotty114

    Have any of you guys thrown a leg over....

    I had a 04 SX525...Bought it for 6600$ sold it a month later for 4000$ and in that month i put 1000$ into it, i liked the bike a little, but it is nothing compared to my 05 CRF 450 at all..the 450 handles better, its more comfortable,the suspension is way better and it is way lighter. I Had about 20 hours on my 525 and we put $1000 into it, 3-4 clutches....2 sets of fork seals, 1 shock rebuild, 7 sidecover gaskets because they kept blowing out(15$ a peice) oil overflow hose, i got 2 flat tires with it, not to mention the first clutch we took the origanal out, it had never been touched by us and it was missing a whole clutch plate.... i dont know if i was just unlucky or not, but ive had plenty of hard wrecks on my 05 450 and I have 65hrs on it with NO problems at all, i just did a topend, the only thing that ive ever broke on it so far is the raditor cracked and that was $181 but that was a wreck, all the things that happend on the KTM werent caused from wrecking.
  10. scotty114

    trick 05 crf 450's ??

    So who all has what on there 05 450 ?? When mines done it will have ,black rims,chrome red hubs,a bunch of misc. parts chrome red,graphics, tall seat,wide footpegs, red ASV unbreakable levers,works connection skid plate,rad braces,caliper guard,holeshot device, pro circuit hot start for the throttle side, just got the motor reabuilt with port work, I have my 2nd set of maxxis maxxcross IT's.....anyone have any suggestions on a cheaper pipe that would be good for MX, this is only my 2nd 4-stroke and ive never put a pipe on either....any suggestions?
  11. scotty114

    Help 6"4' and in need of ultra tall seat foam.

    Im 6'3 and I have always ran stock without a problem, I am getting a SDG soon though i want to try it out..
  12. scotty114

    My feet are too BIG!

    I wear size 15 , Im a B rider, Ive never had any type of trouble, just wears shifters out faster, i also just ordered my first set of bigger footpegs so ill have to see how they work out.
  13. scotty114

    No backup bike?

    Exactly...I belive there are quite a few more things on the bike that have to be the same too..I know that after ractice they mark the frame and engine cases somehow so that they arent changed..
  14. scotty114

    No backup bike?

    Yeah AMA rules say that you have to use the same frame...and engine cases..but anything else can be fixed or changed..
  15. umm...hate to break it to you but that isnt a play bike ..nor would it be fun to try and make it like one ..that is for like 12-16 year olds ...i know i know 50's were for kids ..but a sx105 is almsot a 125 ..it would be pointless and dumb to try it as a playbike..if ou want something fst to play with get a crf150 or 230..i saw a guy on a tricked out crf150 keeping up with a 125B rider the other day at a local indoor track...