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  1. MxHuggy

    2009 yz250f Suspension set up.

    Like the previous poster said, stiffer springs are needed. I am 170 and did the same thing. These are the folks that I had do my work http://www.mx-tech.com/. They are reputable and know what works in the KYB forks/shocks.
  2. MxHuggy

    Moving to NJ, please help with riding

    Yes the tracks in upstate NY are great BUT......... they have very limited OP schedules and when they have op the day before a race its packed. I live 15 min due west of Hoboken and like some of the other guys have said, NJ is not a good state for MX. Etown is open Sat/ Sun and the race track is open on Wed. I like going dow to Blue Diamond in DE on a Friday staying over and riding on Saturday, its about a little over 2 hrs from us,
  3. MxHuggy

    Raceway park practice track

    The watering has been a problem for years and I dont see it ever getting better. I have been riding there for 10 years and for most of that time they have been the "ONLY game in town". I always laugh when I see the "Moving to NJ, looking for places to ride" threads on this forum. Poor folks have no idea what they are up against in this state as far as riding is concerned. I live about an hour north of Etown and since Traxx closed its my only option. But if I lived south of Etown, Blue Diamond would be my main riding spot.
  4. MxHuggy

    Ocean County

    Being new there is something that you should know.......nobody posts their secret riding spots on here anymore. This is because, unless private, there are NO legal riding spots in NJ!! If you ask politely, then perhaps someone in your area will PM you their spot and let you in.
  5. MxHuggy

    Raceway Park Today?

    You dont have to care when you're the only "game" in town (NJ)
  6. MxHuggy

    Magura hydraulic clutch

    I had one of these on my 2001 WR and it worked great. I then moved it to my 2003 YZF450...again nice performance. I now have the SAME kit on my 2006 YZF250 and it still works great. When i put it on the 250F I upgraded to the newer cylinder because its easier to bleed. +1 on the suggestion to use the braided line My other suggestion is to also keep your old cable clutch setup in the tool kit. You never know when you might need it.
  7. MxHuggy

    Raceway Park Today?

    Anyone know why there are no more Friday practices on the schedule? Thats about 30 less days open a year, but the annual Insurance is still $45............. In todays economy I am sure that its about the money, thats fine. But they were pretty busy on Fridays last year....I would think that they were making money????
  8. MxHuggy

    Etown, anyone going?

    Lots of changes. the track is more like a SX track now. Jumps are right out of corners and the take offs are peaked. IMHO...the track has no flow to it and was better last year.
  9. +1 on the 08 OEM piston. I have it in my 06 and the results are GOOD!
  10. MxHuggy

    Top end rebuild

    Dont be that worried. I put the 08 piston into My 06 a few years ago and as long as you follow the manual you will be fine. This was the project that gave me the confidence to do more wok on my bike. Since then I have split the cases, done some nice maintenance replacements myself and saved alot of money. Just make sure of a few things... 1. Make sure the bike is clean BEFORE you start working on it 2. Buy the necessary tools ahead of time.. #10 Torx for stator Flywheel puller Piston ring compressor(not totally nec but helpful) 3. Deglaze/Hone the cylinder 4. as mentioned, $20 is cheap insurance on theat timing chain 5. Break in properly
  11. MxHuggy

    '08 YZ250f piston in an '06 yz250f

    I put an 08 OEM piston io y 06 and I run pump premium with great results. You do not need race gas. I have tried U4 as well afer jeting changes it made a slight difference...snappier for sure, just not worth the money for the U4.
  12. MxHuggy

    engine rebuild help!

    What year bike is it? The stock piston is good, I went with the 08 piston in my 06 for the added compression....works great. +1 on NOT buying the spring compressor.. I made one out of a c-clamp and I JB-Welded and old wrist pin with a notch cut in it. Works fine and it cost me $6. Use your old wristpin its the perfect size.
  13. I put a golf tee in that hole when I wash the bike. Its a weep hole thats all. Ride!!!!
  14. MxHuggy

    Ace Open Practice 9-30

    Well, if they ran classes (Ex, Am, Novice) then it would be OK. But the 2 times that I was there this year it was an open practice and you might have a hard time with fast guys jumping over you. The obstacles are not too big or difficult there. It would really just come down to you comfort level of having other riders around you and passing you. If you have all of the right gear and hold your lines, you should be OK.
  15. MxHuggy

    yamaha yz250f oil

    I see that you recently joined TT...Welcome. There are many threads on this topic and some of the best input has come from Sunruh. Do a search and you will find many suggestions. I use Shell Rotella and change every 6 hours. Good luck.