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  1. I don't know about your group of riders but we have 1 rider who gets hurt almost every ride and that uses up the rest of our oh my's. In fact he is in a cast right now. I'm thinking there must be a few of "him" to take up the rest of our oh my's, other wise I would end up at the hospital every ride.
  2. jeffp

    Any Harley riders

    Hey thanks a lot, after I read your response I checked out the Triumph Thruxton, now I gotta have one. The goldwing is up for sale, It is the last thing I need but being British and spontaneous I am sure I will have one by months end. Thanks for costing me another 8 grand!!!!
  3. jeffp

    TT-R 250 Fork help

    I have read xr 400 springs fit and work well I do not know if they are cheaper than white bros.
  4. jeffp

    what to do? ttr125e or ttr125le

    Hey, I just listed a le for a friend who bought for his kid who never rode it, its in cleveland but if you want to save some bucks call him at 440-331-0164 dats ask for Doc
  5. jeffp

    Glad I did not sell ttr250

    I purchased the exhast and air filter on thethumpertalk store the jet should be a large round head mikuni 140 although i used stock jet and ordered a micro bit set online and drilled myself so i do not know what size it is but the jet most use is the 140
  6. jeffp


    Check out the Marionville loop in PA or www.trailsheaven.com in West VA
  7. jeffp

    Glad I did not sell ttr250

    We stay in town of Logan at Super 8, next trip going to rent some sort of cabin will work out cheaper and 1 person wont have to sleep on floor. Not going to make Poker Run have a golf trip planned following week and the two just do not mix but if you go make sure you go to the drags and hillclimb they put on every weekend we missed by 1 week last weekend, starts this weekend.
  8. jeffp

    Glad I did not sell ttr250

    Rode my ttr250 stock twice at Hatfield and Mcoy trails in WestVirginia and was going to sell, but instead did the tricks, throttle stop, t-4 exhaust, free flow filter and purchased micro drill bit set and drilled out slightly larger main jet because I could not find one. Man what a difference, the bike now pulls a lot stronger also shifting a lot less, plus even at 46 years old I still love that loud exhaust. Just had a great weekend of riding, still can not walk without pain but what a ball!!!!!!
  9. jeffp

    Smokey XR250

    I had same problem it smoked like mad last time i rode it aftert I went through high water, we had a trip coming up so I bought ttr 250 and sold honda to a buddy who honed cylinder and new rings now its fine, probably should not have sold so cheap thought it had major problems and with three year old child did not have time to tear apart myself, live and learn
  10. jeffp

    Smoking 2004 TTR125

    Make sure not to much oil in it if you added recently, my xr did that and the rings were replaced and was fine, it was like they lost the tension in them.
  11. jeffp

    Could someone please better explain this

    The fuel screw should be on outside of carb not inside.
  12. jeffp

    TTR 230 Jets Suck!

    Sounds just like ttr-250 jet problems, my dealer shrugged same shoulders. I sent for a micro drill set on ebay, drilled out by hand worked fine.Some people say they can find, I could only find stock so ordered a few to experiment with and the first try worked. Good luck
  13. jeffp

    Ttr 250

    Ya just try up 1 more, I drilled mine not sure what # size but can yank throttle with no bog.
  14. If you want stock jets no problem, if you want larger good luck , I went to a lot of dealers who just shook their heads. I ended up ordering stock main and micro drill bit set and drilling one size larger because of pipe and intake mods, seems to run good now , also check your throttle stop screw mine was limiting about 15%. Kits are not available for this carb......Good luck
  15. jeffp

    ttr250 exhaust

    It may be, I only rode in field next door when muddy, first jet i put in was drilled to large , I am still experimenting, may go back to stock jet see how it reacts then find dealer who has larger jets instead of drilling them myself. I think i am spoiled after riding wr 250, love that power but at 47 years old and the west virginia tight woods riding the ttr will do fine, still leaving my friends 420 ktm and 520 husky behind in the tight stuff, but would like 10 more hp in the uphill sections.