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  1. bossman152

    Honda CRF450L first 100 miles

    I'm 55. We don't stop playing because we get old, We get old because we stop playing. Be safe, ride smart, have fun!! CONGRATS!!
  2. bossman152

    What did I do wrong..

    I can't believe this topic hasn't flooded with "wrong hole" jokes...🤣
  3. bossman152

    Carb question

  4. bossman152


  5. bossman152

    Anyone recognize this part? 15’ 300

    Holy cow!!! Nailed it! Ya know if they ever have a "Who wants to be a millionaire" show with just motorcycle questions, there'd be a few rich guys around here
  6. bossman152

    Front traction

    I'm 210lb. Never been light. Thanks for the MXA tech advice.
  7. bossman152

    Front traction

    I'm at about the same rate of tire wear. Lotsa backs, but will be my 1st front change.
  8. bossman152

    Front traction

    Think I'm gonna try both of these. Need a new tire anyways, side knobs are mostly gone and the remaining look like they were in a knife fight....and lost. thanks for the quick reply folks...Knew I went to the right place. Cheers!
  9. bossman152

    Front traction

    Hey all Trying to find out if using a wider profile front tire will help increase traction. Riding mostly hard pack and rock. Currently runnin a Geomax MX51F 80/100-21 at about 12 lbs. (12 KX450F). Thanks
  10. bossman152

    Saved another 4oz today

    If you drop tire pressures from 14 lb to 12 lb, there's another 4 lbs.!
  11. bossman152

    Bike lift

    Got 2 of these. They work well, sturdy, easy to use. Ebay and Amazon have them for about 100.00. MSR pro lift
  12. bossman152

    New member

    Welcome from Texas.... by the way...nice Elsinore
  13. bossman152

    Cool KTM Freeride E-XC eBike Video

    Hmmm, 238 lb. and rated at 15hp (22 max). I'd say they're on their way, but not there yet
  14. bossman152

    Bike vs. dog

    Have that prob with deer in my area. Lesson learned. Nice bike, easily fixed. RIP doggie
  15. bossman152

    2001 RM250 UPGRADES

    Motosport.com has a graphics kit including seat cover for 73.00. Might check it out. Best of luck kiddo http://www.motosport.com/flu-designs-pro-team-series-3-graphics-and-seat-cover-combo?mmy=suzuki%3Brm250%3B2001&mmy_source=pdp