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  1. Etniesxr1998

    Piston Pitting

    Do you think you could send me the link of what piston i would need from that website. my piston is 52.4 x 49.5 (106.72cc)
  2. Etniesxr1998

    Piston Pitting

    I have a 110cc Lifan motor and i took it up to my honda dealer beacuse it was smoking out of the crank case vent. They said my piston and rings needed to be replaced because the piston was pitted. Does anyone know where i can get a 110cc Lifan piston and a set of rings.
  3. Etniesxr1998

    Xr100 Vs Ttr125

    an xr100 could beat a ttr if the rider knows what hes doing. ive raced an xr100 against a ttr and beat him. there nothing special
  4. Etniesxr1998

    Xr70 Fat Ass

    yea dude why you keep putting all those queer ass smileys all over your posts maybe he should think about getting a bigger bike if hes a 250lb fat ass with 19 diffrent kids in his stomach, i dont think any one would make "SISpension" for someone that big he might have forgotten whats under his ass.
  5. Etniesxr1998

    Lifan Piston Rings

    yea well i took apart my top end and the rings are perfectly fine and then i thought that my exhaust valve could be leaking beacuse rite as i start up my motor exhaust comes out of that breather and i know its now burning oil in the trans becuase it wouldnt start shooting the smoke out rite away. but i could be wrong if anyone else could help me thatd be great im just getting realllll pissed off with this bike its the second motor and this lifan is only 3 months old. (i wouldnt reccomend it)
  6. Etniesxr1998


    does anyone know what the size of the piston is on a 110cc lifan motor. and will the bbr 110cc piston rings work on the lifan motors?
  7. Etniesxr1998

    Lifan Piston Rings

    Hey i have a Lifan 110cc motor on my xr70and well today i notice that my bike has smoke coming out of the crankcase breather so i didnt really think of it as a big deal so i drain the oil thinking there was too much and that was why it was smoking, added new oil and started it up and its still smoking? so i called up this place by my house called the Dirtshop and they said that i probably have a broken piston ring. But to make things short i was mostly wondering if the BBR 110cc kit piston rings would fit on my 110cc lifan piston because i cant find piston rings for this annnnnyyy where thanks. Tommy (this is just a picture of my motor)http://community.webshots.com/photo/272662782/275084192DYtBnq (And this is a pic of my bike. )http://community.webshots.com/photo/272662782/275083928wtKbZv
  8. Etniesxr1998

    Spring removal on an xr70.

    Thanks so much, and Jester niiice bike.
  9. Ey i got an 1998 xr70 and i was wondering how you get the rear spring off the shock. I look at it and it looks like theres no way you can get it off. thanks
  10. Etniesxr1998


    Does anyone know what size or what kind of clutch plates I should use for a 110cc lifan auto clutch motor?
  11. Etniesxr1998

    XR70 start-up problem

    Dont worry man i had the same exact problem. i took my whole wiring harness off, checked every wire bought several sparkplugs until i found 1 more problem. Firts take off the fly wheel cover. then i took off the fly wheel and my stature plate had 2 missing bolts and wasnt making a good connection from the plate to the magneto and was causing it to get no spark what so ever. im nto sure if this is your problem but it was mine and my 70 fired up the first kick after that. try then and then get back to me on if it worked or not.
  12. Etniesxr1998

    ? for mini riders

    first i would do suspension, bbr makes really good rear and forck springs. the ide go with the 88cc or 100cc bore kit with the 4 speed clutch to really see a little 50 haul asss.
  13. Etniesxr1998

    will this harm my engine?

    i agree with dirtbkr188, i just strip down my carb and blast all the jets with the air compressor and spray a little carb cleaner on them. you can just buy regular carb and choke cleaner at Napa or any store like that
  14. Etniesxr1998

    "Lifan" engines (as seen on ebay)

    Hey i got a Lifan 110cc motor on my xr70, its real nice but watch out for the ones that come with rotary transmission.
  15. i have a 98 XR70 with the 110cc motor with 4 speed auto clutch. i was wondering what kind of clutch plates i should buy, i dont know if they are diffrent from the stock xr clutch plates if they are whatr kind and where can i get them. Thanks