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    2012 KTM 300 XC or XC-W

    I agree with the above. I got mine in mid August and love it. The bike blows me away with what it can do each time I ride it.
  2. Top

    300 XCW good for a big guy?

    That is how I feel too. The bike makes me look like better rider when all my friends know that I'm not
  3. Top

    300 XCW good for a big guy?

    I'm the same size as you are. I totally LOVE my 300 XCW!!!! Yes, get the correct springs for your weight. The bike has plenty of power to haul your fat a$$ around.
  4. Top

    Dumb question

    Good advice there. I was amazed how many loose bolts were on my 300 with less then 5 hrs on the bike.
  5. Top

    Sand dunes Flag whips - mounting options

    Juniper requires it to be on the bike? You can't have it on your back pack so it sticks up? Isn't the point of a flag to let others know where "you" are? There is a company in Utah that sells flags that mount to your helmet. As a matter of fact I have three of them. It has a small plastic bracket that mounts to the back of your helmet by 3m and then a two foot flag goes into that bracket.
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    Fall riding

    I hope to get one more ride in this Saturday.
  7. Top

    Fall riding

    Isn't that the truth... UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  8. Top

    Fall riding

    North Idaho area, close to Spokane WA.
  9. Top

    Fall riding

    More pics to come, heading back up tomorrow
  10. Top

    Fall riding

    I love fall riding!!
  11. Nice truck. I have an 08' D/A that I love! I think I just turned over 25,000 miles on it now with no problems what so ever.
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    Spokane Area Riders chime in

    I'm in Spokane on the north side but only do single track.
  13. Top

    Best bike for the East side?

    100% KTM 300 XC or a KTM 300 XC-W
  14. Top

    Where can I get one?

    Neat idea but be prepared to pay the price!
  15. Top

    When is it that you need a top end?

    ALWAYS use new gaskets!