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  1. mikes300

    2017 300's KTM XC vs Husky TX

    and also if you know your Berg history, when KTM bought them, they eventually just rebadged the KTM's and called them husabergs, they bought them to get their 4 stroke technology (the original company never made a 2 stroke), and to go full circle Husaberg was started by a group of guys who left Husqvarna....
  2. mikes300

    2017 300's KTM XC vs Husky TX

    HAHA was just going to say the same thing! it's not husenberg!!!
  3. mikes300

    90's 360 year and trans questions

    No clue, I had mine almost 20 years ago, I always used Hall's Husqvarna. They seemed to be the best with parts at the time. Mike
  4. mikes300

    OTD prices on the TE 300

    OTD price varies depending on taxes and registration, so pretty irreverent I paid just under list price for mine.
  5. I think there is a reason all the top guys have a mechanic
  6. Clearly someone who can't afford a Lektron
  7. mikes300

    450 to TE 300

    Probably just need to get used to it, there is definitely a bit of a transition, as for the seat husky nailed it, way nicer than the KTM seats, mine seems perfect
  8. mikes300

    Finally got my new bike! 2014 te300

    they should be in the entire country for sure, I saw dealers back east that had them before we did here in CA, on the Rekluse I don't know I'm on the fence, I have one in my 350 and love it, so probably at some point ya I will. for now still getting it fine tuned.
  9. trust me try a Keihin, why do you think there are hundreds of threads on the swap? like you said it works good in a straight line, to bad most races require turning LOL, to each his own though, it can be an ok bike for many that's for sure...
  10. Correct, did anyone say other wise? I've ridden and owned a few... they can be made to run pretty good once you swap the carb and pipe out, but you cant fix the old school power delivery, the outdated train like handling, and that kickstarter? jump on a new KTM/berg/husky and get back to me. the only good thing about the old Husky is the price.
  11. that's funny, the husky was an ok trail bike at best, the new one is light years better. no comparison at all.
  12. mikes300

    2014 TE 300

    I've see a lot of broken aluminum ones