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  1. Yeah Arenacross is just nuts...plain and simple, I rode one in Tacoma 2 years ago and when I walked the track all I could do was they had stuff I'd never dreamed you could attempt on a dirt bike, like one of those single onto a table off that table onto another and down on to a single sections. and the lips were so vert that not being experienced enough to know I learned the hard way (vertical bike in the air with me landing on my back from 15 feet up) it was a sobering experience. that all being said, I think the reason that AX is getting so crazy is the promoter's desire to please fans. and what do fans want to see? they want to see HUGE jumps...how do you pack a huge 75-100 foot triple into a stadium that doesn't really have room for the proper takeoff and landing ramps? simple, make the takeoffs as close to vertical as you can justify, and then make the landing ramp short and steep. this may be fine for pros that can take a 75 footer in their sleep, but for an amatuer...it leaves no room for screwups and often leads to injury. I'm not saying arenacross is bad...not by a long shot, I thought it was great fun. but I do kind of see this sport heading toward a peak (for lack of a better analogy) and when we hit that peak, things will be so extreme due to this craze for big air and insane tricks...that a LOT of people are going to get hurt. and seeing that time come scares me. I hope that some of these promoters can gain some awareness and prevent that from happening. my prayers go out to his family.
  2. YakiVegas426

    AlpineStars Tech 10

    man, I guess I was wrong about the boots being bling bling...I guess the only true bling bling in life is a set of huge 100 spoke wire wheels...some people use those suckers like duct tape: pretty much universal and can be put on anything.
  3. YakiVegas426

    AlpineStars Tech 10

    They're not gonna make em in white? man. I think I'm just gonna buy the tech 8's...gotta love the bling bling of a clean shiny white pair of boots :cry:
  4. my letter to Arnold. Subject: important message from a dissenting Sierra Club member Message: Hello, This is Bob Smithsonbergman of the sierra club. we have probably sent you a lot of e-mails regarding your support of George W. Bush. I would like to tell you this though. you are right in supporting bush. and here is why: 1. we here at the sierra club are either too old to have fun, or too fanatic to know what fun is. 2. we think that people should not be able to use the great outdoors at all. all outdoor recreation disturbs the natural earth. 3. we are living for the sole purpose of destroying all fun on this planet In supporting George W. Bush, you will ensure that fun will continute on this planet for years to come. thank you. I am no longer with the sierra club and I would really like it if you would [@#$%&*!] slap these little whiners like the GIRLYMEN they really are. GOT R' DONE!
  5. when I click on the link it tells me that the e-mail has already been sent...something wrong with the link I guess.
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    too many ATV riders belive that the machines they are on are stable and safe and that the brakes will save them no matter what....I know....I was one. when I was 13 my parents bought me a quad. and not knowing better what's the first thing I did...unscrew that damned throttle limiter and punch it as hard as I could. well I was fine and only had minor tip overs for a few months...and then I discovered gravel roads...uh oh....well, I was hauling crazy ass down this fire road...probably about 45mph (topped out on my quad)...and I came to a fairly mild corner i had taken @5th pinned probably 50 times and never had a problem...well this time the quad massivley understeered. I turned but nothing happened. so what do I do, I slam on my brakes and don't slow down much. so I skid off the road and right into a 6" diameter alder tree...at 45mph... I woke up looking up at the back of the quad and the back axle of the quad resting against my helmet and when I got up I realized three things. 1.the ATV was facing the opposite way of the direction I was travelling 2.that 6" diameter alder is laying in the middle of the road sawed off where my bike hit it. 3. I am one smart kid for insisting to my parents that I needed that helmet. because it probably saved my life. I also knew of a kid who did not think helmets were needed. this guy had a warrior 350 which moves right along. to make it short. at school one day we heard that he was riding on a local road and he had wrecked going VERY fast and did not have a helmet on and he didn't survive. I have nothing against ATV riders. most of them anyhow. but I do strongly believe that the manufacturers and dealers should push for better education about the dangers involved in the sport (as well as any motorized sport) and also, I think we as fellow riders should at least make a point to stop and tell these helmetless ATV riders what a good idea a helmet is. even if they tell you to to go to hell, they still heard it somewhere right? anyhow, thought I'd share my perspective with you guys. thank god for dirt bikes! :cry:
  7. YakiVegas426

    Plastic re-new?

    This will sound crazy, but it works. try using Pledge on your plastics. I know it's for wood, but a buddy of mine who races Hydroplanes told me about it and it rocks, it's quick and easy and as long as the plastic isn't TOO faded it makes it shine like new...you can also use it on all the other parts of the bike to shine them up like the swingarm, wheels, and the motor. wierd, but it works, and your bike smells good too
  8. YakiVegas426

    picture of why you should ware chest armor

    wow, that's just nuts. I had something very similar happen to me, except with me it was a stick through my boot. I was tired and I was riding a logging road and letting my feet drag to rest my legs..well next thing I know my right foot is up and behind me and bouncing up and down...I look back and there is a 3 foot stick stuck into my boot, so I stop, wiggle my foot, everything seemed fine. the stick had gone in on the top of my boot on the inside above my instep, gone under my instep and was sitting against the outside of my heel. so what did i do next...well I was way ahead of my riding buddies so a skidded the bike down and onto it's side in the ditch and then waited till they came and screamed bloody murder for a minute untill one of them was gonna leave to call 911 and then told them I was joking. I know I'm an ass...but they got even later. bottom line...good gear is IMPORTANT, but so is luck.
  9. YakiVegas426

    toughest bars?

    I dunno why you guys bag on renthal bars...I've had mine for a year and a half now, and I am GOOD at breaking/bending things and i haven't so much as tweaked them, they're not fat bars or anything just the standard issue McGrath bend and I've wrecked super hard and I never have to worry about my bars....granted I will probably switch to Pro taper and a higher bend, but I've got nothing but praise for my Renthals and they didn't set me back as much as a pro taper setup either which was nice
  10. I just taught my girlfriend to ride in the past few months...I took her riding with me once and she was hooked, so we went and bought her a ttr-125L and basically it's just teaching them about throttle/clutch control first of all, and then after that I'd just watch her, and if I saw something that NEEDED to be corrected, I'd point it out to her, such as...don't slam the front brake on going down a hill, just drag it enough to slow the tire down, not make it skid or stop. of course she had to wreck HARD to learn this one, which sucked, but she's tough, but sometimes that's what it takes, you just gotta advise them and then let them figure it out. once she gets comfortable on the bike, just tell her that if she has a question about how to do something or wants to learn something new, to just ask you, that takes the pressure off of her because you're not always overloading her with information. that has worked extremely well in my case. also, if one of your buddies has a wife/girfriend that rides, go riding with them a lot, we go riding with my buddy and his girlfriend and they seem to learn a ton more from eachother than from us guys. They just have the right perspective I guess. oh and by the way, for awhile you will get kinda bored going so slow, but like many others have said, it's better than going w/her to the mall. and besides if you girl rides, consider yourself damn lucky you get to share this sport with the one you love. I know I feel lucky. and it gets more fun each time we go. anyway, that's my two cents. good luck!
  11. YakiVegas426

    Bikes in Motel rooms...

    Bikes do not necessarily make a place smell like gasoline...the gas tank is pretty well sealed...all I do is make sure the carb is drained and you won't get that gas smell, I kept my bike in my apartment all last winter and no gas smell at all, then in the apartment I'm at now, I had my bike and my girl's bike inside because if they are left outside here, they're gone the second you look away. moral of the story, putting your bike into a motel room is not "Inconsiderate" so long as you make sure your gas is off and the carb is drained and the bike is clean obviously. that's my 2 cents
  12. YakiVegas426


    Yumps Definition Score: "10" Sport: Motorcross Pronunciation: yumps Plural: Yumps Definition: A slang term to describe the big jumps that are a feature of motorcross racing. Part of Speech: Noun Derivatives: ing,er,ed Etymology: Slang Synonyms: Big Jumps, Jumps, Air Antonyms: Flat, Straight-Away Usage: The biker went as fast as he could over the yumps. now I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't count the times I've YUMPED when I'm at the track, whether it be a double yump or triple yump, I like to go big off the yumps! :cry: now what kinda idiot.....man I all I can say is "Here's Your Sign!" (if you've watched Blue Collar Comedy Tour, you know what I'm getting at) just my 2 cents on that.