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  1. That would be awesome! My brother lives south of lansing in Rives Junction, hes got a kx250 too! He got a number FPMX?
  2. You said this also? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Crank-Shaft-Bearing-Seal-Kit-Fits-Vintage-Kawasaki-KX250-87-01/112133631574?fits=Year%3A2001|Model%3AKX250&epid=209854831&hash=item1a1baf6e56:g:y1EAAOSweW5VSXcX:sc:USPSFirstClass!48160!US!-1
  3. This? https://www.partsgiant.com/p356735-prox-connecting-rod-kit?m=313670&gclid=Cj0KCQjw2efrBRD3ARIsAEnt0egPRI96dZfb1rA7uMJGo7gqANZCoLTdO0UKZD-8_8lTcG1EftLZp4waAgWmEALw_wcB&f=112134
  4. Ann Arbor area but a little south by Dundee. Never seen a crank with so much vertical play, amazing piston didnt blow!
  5. Bad news Dan, the jug and piston look good but there is a TON of up/down play in the conrod. I knew that was gonna be the problem, whats the cheapest way to fix? I know Im gonna have to have my local shop split the cases, but at least if I have the motor off the bike it wont be that bad. Thanks for your help man!
  6. Ok put head with spark plug back in and kick? Thanks dan!
  7. Is there a certain way to get this off cylinder? Cylinder dont wanna budge Dan?
  8. Yes thanks Dan ! Definetely good to hear that about the cranks burning up, I been riding it for weeks with the rattle, im done now though gonna take it apart and send you pictures to see what you think. My 2002 cr250 locked up last year, so i sent cylinder to millenium and bought a piston from them also, got it back and put it together it cranked first kick and only rode for a shitty 5 mins before locking up again and ruining a brand new plated cylinder and piston. 400$ I was so mad i sold it pieces to a rich guy for 1200$ and went bought this kawi later that week and now this... Turns out a bearing was bad in the bottom the rich guy who bought it later texted me.
  9. Crazy I mix my gas 30:1 to be safe, but i mostly hit freestyle ramps so really im not that hard on it, and I clean the air filter all the dam time. Ive only had the bike a couple months so far but it developed a loud ass rattle... The only way Ill know if crank or rod is bad is too pull up and down on conrod correct?
  10. Im about to Dan, im just worried it needs the cylinder plated and maybe even crank or connecting rod... the piston feels pretty loose in the cylinder. I just want it running good again! Any tips or cheap places for exchanging cylinders or anything...
  11. Also took ignition cover off and check for up and down play in stator
  12. Hey guys, i finally had time to take off exhaust pipe and see what it looks like.... I can put my finger through exhaust port and move piston side to side a little... Bike ran good but had super loud rattling noise i thought it was piston slap.... What do you guys think?
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