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  1. 1_smooth_crf

    Husky TE vs EXC

    Can't really give much comparison info as I haven't ridden the Husky. I have the KTM 530 setup supermoto, it is awsome. I have ridden many motorcycles and must say this is one of my favorites. I rode it off-road when I first got it and it was great there as well. If you get this bike you will not be disappointed. Peace!
  2. 1_smooth_crf

    05 CRF250R Spark Plugs

    www.servicehonda.com has the 04 listed for 13 bucks. they don't have any 05 stuff listed yet. you could probably call the 800 number and get the plug though.
  3. 1_smooth_crf


    when cold-choke it. blip the throttle 2 times. kick it. be sure not to give it gas. if you give it gas, it can cause you to become exhausted from kicking. when hot-don't give it any gas. hold down the hot start and kick. did i say don't give it gas. if you fall and it lays on its side-try the hot start procedure first. if that doesn't do it. turn the gas off. open the throttle very slowly to wide open. kick it a couple of times. opening the throttle very slowly will not insert gas but allow air in to disapate gas. now remove your hand from the throttle so not to give it gas. hold the hotstart lever. kick. wah-lah .. it should be running again. hope this helps. it works for me and i was a long time 2stroker and had horrible time cranking 4stroke initially.
  4. 1_smooth_crf

    Valves slightly out of spec at 120 miles...

    i agree with dsmolj. not really going to hurt anything. i wouldn't recommend running out of spec, but you are close enough and on the high side to the point i doubt it would hurt anything. as valves wear they go towards 0. if anything your valve will come in spec.
  5. 1_smooth_crf

    CRF250X for the wife

    i wouldn't say i am aggressively defending the design. ie there is a problem. however, my valves have been fine. good luck.
  6. 1_smooth_crf

    Season Complete for my Supermoto CRF250R

    no problems here. the 04 crf250r is simply awsome! i race and train on the same bike and have had no problems. would take it over an 05 because i can't afford to get an 05...hehe...an 06 is definitly in the future though.
  7. 1_smooth_crf

    Replacement Radiator for the X

    how much did a left side radiator cost roughly? Busted mine last weekend.
  8. 1_smooth_crf

    Stabilizers??? Best one?

    I have GPR 2.0 on my CRF250 and it works very well.