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  1. Dirtshark808

    Breaking foot peg springs

    Same problem happened on my 17sxf , broke both springs within 5hours. Who ever assembled the bike just put them on wrong. I'm at 49 hours now on the bike with no problems.
  2. Dirtshark808

    More popular, 125 or 250?

    I always laugh when people say a 125 has more power then a 250f. Its just not true, any modern 4 stroke is a lot faster.
  3. Dirtshark808

    17' Sxf450 won't start when it's moving

    I'd bet it's a battery issue. I'd recommend the shorai lithium ion battery. Iv had mine for 3+ years with no issues. My friend has his for 6-8+ years and has no problems. It's one of the first upgrades I did was get the xcf battery box and put the battery in. I never have starting issues.
  4. Dirtshark808

    17' Sxf450 won't start when it's moving

    If you are running the stock battery them I'm guessing that's your issue. When I got my 17 250sxf the stock battery had no cranking power especially while in gear. I upgraded to a better battery and problem gone. Did you try rolling in neutral and starting the bike?
  5. Dirtshark808

    SXF filter screen removal?

    For the amount of gain you get for removing the back fire screen. I'd rather just keep it in but there's 100s of people who removed it with no issues.
  6. Dirtshark808

    2019 350 XCF vs SXF

    If your doing offroad get the xcf the added tank, kickstand, 18inch and gearbox will come in handy.
  7. No the rubber would still be sealed because its flexible. I doubt there's any tears or rips. The most you did was just flooding the engine with gas. I wouldn't sweat over this.
  8. No, I don't think it would do any damage as the exhaust would let pressure out. As said above just make sure there's no rips or tears around the boot. I wouldn't worry about it haha
  9. Dirtshark808

    YouTube Channel Swap

    This is my channel I post edits/raw footage and hopefully soon tutorials. I ride here in Phoenix, Az. Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/808DirtShark Recent Video: If you came from thumpertalk leave a comment so I can check out your channel!
  10. Dirtshark808

    Skidplate for '18 350SX-F

    Maybe his stand is oily from oil changes lol
  11. Dirtshark808

    KTM 450 Petcock Question

    Yes it's off.
  12. Dirtshark808

    2018 Question

    My 17 sxf makes a loud tick for 2-5 seconds until it builds pressure to tighten the cam chain. If it was a manual cam chain tensioner I would not hear the noise.
  13. Dirtshark808

    Too many hours?

    Depends on who was riding the bike and if they properly took care of the bike. For a 450 60 hours is not much.
  14. Dirtshark808

    Skidplate for '18 350SX-F

    Love my Cycra full armor skid plate on my 17sxf
  15. Dirtshark808

    Who's going to be buying 2019 KTM's?

    I'm pretty sure they only got the AERs in 2017