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    obvious isn't it
  1. foxman837


    You saw a Works Connection brace, Works Connection doesn't make radiators.
  2. just use a 50/50 mix of water and rubbing alcohol
  3. the dirt bike would rape the quad around a track and well pretty much everywhere else as well.
  4. foxman837

    rad guards- Devol

    Here is a pic of my setup
  5. foxman837

    rad guards- Devol

    If you want you can cut out the fins to fit, I did and the work great.
  6. foxman837

    250f stocker> powerband

    Try a new pipe that boost the low end, and I am thinking about switching from a 450 to a 250. The 450 just wears me out.
  7. foxman837

    Change the air of an 02

    03/04 complete airbox fits perfect
  8. foxman837

    06 Yz125 Revealed!!!! Must See

  9. foxman837

    Only 383 Signatures?

  10. foxman837

    Anyone know if this can be fixed?

    Thanks, I'll try to find someone who can weld the thing back on.
  11. Here is a photo... anyone have any ideas on how fix this?
  12. foxman837

    Durhamtown pics

    Looks like a nice place to ride.
  13. foxman837

    Random Riding Pictures

    Not to good of a picture but here is a random one at Tunnel Hill