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  1. mchonda2

    96 cr 250 seat

    https://evo-mx.com/shop/honda/sccr59-61/ They make nice covers that are the right color Seat foam http://www.gutsracing.com/CR250_Seat_Foam_p/sfcr303.htm
  2. mchonda2

    Post pics of your CR's

    My 96 Cr250r it was a 1 owner low hour all original but tire,chain,rear sprocket,air filter
  3. I have some of the shims that are 6mm id and 8mm id, do you by chance know where those should go?
  4. Hi does anyone have the factory midvalve shim stack for a 09-12 crf450r kyb fork? I took mine suspension apart and the nut had came off so the shims are mixed up
  5. price on the swingarm and linkage also please
  6. Price on the airbox please
  7. mchonda2

    Zeta Racing handlebar clamp kit SX

  8. mchonda2

    Renthal Diamond/Waffle Grips

  9. mchonda2

    Rekluse Clutch Basket

    Better then stock
  10. mchonda2

    Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube with Bearing

    Better then stock
  11. mchonda2

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    Sorry During the initial part of the fork travel feels harsh and then to soft further into the stroke and dives in corners . The rear shock just feels stiff through out the stroke. Thanks
  12. mchonda2

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    Hi Dogger great thread! 2010 crf450r Riding type Enduro/trail Intermediate B 6'0 225lbs Forks .52kg springs oil 355cc outer 32x.11(17) 30x.11 28x.11 26x.11 24x.11 22x.11 20x.11 18x.11 16x.11 14x.25(5) BCV 11x.25(2) 18x.11 22x.11(3) Compression Bleed Orifice 2.10mm Rebound 20x.11(4) 13x.11 20x.11 18x.11 16x.11 14x.11 13x.30(2) MV Compression 20x.11(3) 18x.11 16x.11 14x.11 11x.30(2) 17x.30(2) Shock 6.0 kg spring 110mm Sag With Devol lowering link 1" Rebound 40x.2 (4) 28x.1 40x.3 38x.3 36x.3 34x.3 32x.3 30x.3 28x.3 26x.3 Compression 44x.2 (9) 42x.15 (11) 40x.2 38x.2 36x.2 34x.2 30x.2 26x.2 22x.3 (2) Thanks for your time
  13. mchonda2

    Vortex X-10 ECU?

    Does anybody know if a vortex x-10 ecu out of a 11-12 crf450r will work on a 2010 crf450r? Thanks Keith