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  1. I know theres a forum for trails in different locations, but this kind of applies at a global level. You can record all your favorite spots to share with others. Here's one I just added for Slick Rock in Moab UT http://www.hazmap.net/index.php?t=3&pk=129
  2. Hi, I'm trying to better understand ATV tire sizing. I have a banshee and the rear tires are AT20X10-9 Can anyone explain this to me? I can only find help on motorcycle/car tires, not this descriptor for atvs. Thanks
  3. Hi all. I always wanted a CRF450X but never knew they were coming out with one, so I bought a CRF450R. I really need a wide ratio tranny. Too much woods riding. I did the whole DS thing Baja Designs, works pretty good, except for battery. Anyway, I see posts from people with wide ratio tranny's, but I can't seem to find any online. Can any of you suggest some links, or tell me where you got your new gearing? Thanks