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  1. BlindSide

    2 topics, searching and Devils Head ISDE

    Entering 50AM or 50EX would limit you to the short course. Though I doubt anyone would stop you from riding the entire thing.
  2. BlindSide

    2017 500EXC accessories

  3. BlindSide

    2017 500EXC accessories

    I ordered a 3.2 from Cyclebuy. It's an IMS.
  4. BlindSide

    2017 500EXC accessories

    Would this do? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpFW3SQdq5o
  5. BlindSide

    2017 500EXC accessories

    I just moved here from Albany and this is my first dual sport, so no (though I'm a member of their page). I've been riding over here for a long time though & can put together some great loops, looking forward to it! Judging by your handle I'm going to guess you spend a lot of time in the coast range? I rode Trask a lot when I lived in the valley and have done a number of ISDE events @ Dmill, Jordan, etc.
  6. BlindSide

    2017 500EXC accessories

    I live in Bend.
  7. I've had my bike a week & got a few goodies on the way but I'm not seeing a lot of things available yet. Where are you guys ordering parts from? Specifically, I am looking for an oversize tank, skid plate and any other must-haves that might be recommended (this is my first dual sport). What, if any parts from other years might fit? Thanks!
  8. BlindSide

    2017 EXC De-Smog

    Yeah, I meant that for Rusty.
  9. BlindSide

    2017 EXC De-Smog

    Watch his videos, he's got some stuff in the works already. I've got the fuel rail coming for my 500exc (for my 2016 350XC-F too), along with TPS adjustment tool. He mentions the rest of the mods becoming available around February. I'll probably go with the end cap and a couple of other things when they become available.
  10. Picked up the 500EXC yesterday and got the opportunity to ride it around the dealership lot and then around town a bit later. Reading a number of forums had me concerned that the bike wouldn't have enough power (with all the emissions,restrictions etc) but that was quickly put to rest. It pulled very strong off the bottom and through the mid-range (reminding me of my buddies' 2016 501 FE). Obviously, the emissions and smog stuff will have to go at some point, and I'll be looking to tune the bike like everyone else. The first thing I noticed was how narrow the bike is. If you pulled all the street stuff off of it & put it next to my 16' 350XCF, it would be hard to tell the difference. Secondly, I loaded and unloaded the bike a few times so that I could ride it & I think it's very light. Call me crazy but I believe it is lighter than my 2015 YZ450. I had no problem grabbing the side panel handle & lifting the bike on the stand or moving it around. Granted, I'll be adding a larger tank, ultra HD tubes, skid plate, etc. I don't like the look of the stock continental tire, they'll be the first thing to go. Unfortunately, I had to bring the bike home last night where we're buried in snow. I suppose the upside is that I'll have plenty of time to mod & prep it for some great local rides and Baja this fall. One more thing, I looked hard at the 6-Days 450 before ultimately deciding on the 500. I didn't really like the look of the 6 days model online. However, when I saw it in person I was impressed. That is one of the best looking bikes I've ever seen. I nearly changed directions and bought that machine instead. In the end though, I'd rather have a few more cc's for those short runs on the pavement. To each their own, I'm sure both are great bikes.
  11. Should be picking up my 500 on Saturday & I'm anxious to ride it (unfortunately we are up to our knees in snow here). I think I will have Kreft do the suspension on this one after I break it in. Looking forward to it!
  12. BlindSide

    300 XC vs 300 XC-W

    I am considering a move back to KTM (had a 350 & 450) last year. I've never owned one of their 2-strokes but I'm currently racing a 2015 YZ 250 in the woods/desert and I'm pretty happy with it. Though it is a bit quick in the slick & tight stuff. I've looked over the XC-W a lot & think I'd be happy with the motor & wide ratio tranny. I'd adjust to PDS & the forks (wasn't impressed with 4CS on either KTM I owned) & hear this combo works well in the woods. What would you guys do? What are some pros & cons of each? Thanks,
  13. Hello, just picked up a new 2015 YZ 250 today & having come off a 350XCF, I have a bunch of 18" rear knobbies left over. Obviously, I want to put these to use. What 18" rear wheel assembly will bolt-on? I was told the rear wheel assembly from a 250FX might work. I don't know but I know a lot of guys run an 18" so I figured someone could chime in & tell me what will work. Thanks,
  14. Thanks, dug in a little deeper & found that JD has a tuner for more than half the price, I may go that route to richen it up.
  15. Pretty happy with my new bike except for one thing, I have to pull out the start knob/valve on the throttle body when the bike is hot/warm or it won't start (most times). Initially I thought it was just a break-in issue but I've got 20 hours on the bike now & I'm getting the same results. Occasionally it will fire without the knob pulled out (when warm) but most of the time I have to reach down & pull it out. This wouldn't be a big deal to me if I was racing moto but I've got my bike converted into an off-road racing machine. Most of the races I attend are dead engine and I need the thing to fire up right away so I can get a good start—I definitely don't have time to reach down & push the knob back in while I'm motoring toward the 1st turn. I have a good battery in it. The bike fires right up with the knob pulled out hot or cold. Thoughts? Suggestions? Experiences?