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    Want to ride Milican 12/15-16

    Is anyone interested/planning on riding at Milican over the Dec 15-16 weekend? I want to head over from PDX on Friday the 14th but have never ridden Milican before and will be going solo so I'm looking for company. I'll be staying somewhere in Bend. I have room for another bike/passenger if any PDX'ers want to go. J
  2. jaydrz400s2004

    Jones Creek On Thursday

    Hey guys: I'll be there on my DRZ. Green Tacoma w/ small trailer. J
  3. jaydrz400s2004

    Knee braces

    actually, the only "true" knee brace is one that is custom built. joint alignment, ligament strength, and relative posture can only be accounted for by creating a direct mold of the subjects knee and surrounding support structure. let's keep in mind that a "brace" is designed to support a weakness in a specific area by transfering or dispersing the load to something or somewhere else (either another body part or the attached brace for this discussion). take a look at innovation sports (http://www.isports.com/home.htm), the builders of cti braces. if you have had or are going to have surgery ask your doctor to write you a perscription and your health insurance should cover it. if you simply want impact protection any of the commercially available products should be fine. if you are concerned about re-injury, i would talk to your doctor about the types of stress that will likely lead to a repeat injury and then find the device best suited to combat that type of stress. best of luck J
  4. jaydrz400s2004

    No Shooting

    that gate was unlocked two weeks ago and there was a whole crew of shooters on top of the hill shooting back into the woods towards the L1400 RD.
  5. jaydrz400s2004

    Ride 1/5/07

    I'm looking for someone to go trailriding with on Friday 1/5. I'm not fast but generally stay up-right. I'd be leaving from Vancouver and have space for 1 passenger and 1 bike (although I could haul an additional bike if necessary). I'm open to go anywhere within 2.5 hours of Portland. I don't mind mud but would prefer to not have to "wallow" up the trail, if you know what I mean. I'm riding a DRZ400S set up for the dirt (i.e. no tail shovel, signals, mirrors, etc). I'm just looking to make some new friends and find some regular riding partners. This sounds like a singel's ad.. PM me.
  6. jaydrz400s2004

    Hangover Scramble 2007

    i took almost 300 photos today. i'll process them and get them posted soon.
  7. jaydrz400s2004

    Hangover Scramble 2007

    i'll be there! hope to find a good spot to shoot photos of all. green tacoma on a blue drz400s. orange vest and a ton of camera equip!
  8. jaydrz400s2004

    Starvation Ridge Play Day

    It's been a while since i've been here. Nice to see the place is still kicking. 10guy-- you still around? Who's attending the starvation ridge play day on the 18th? I have a truck/trailer leaving from Vancouver that morning. would anyone like to carpool? i have room for 1 bike and 1 passenger (you'll need your own ratchet straps/tie downs). post here or PM me. J
  9. i was looking for some trail maps of mccubbins gulch when i stumbled on this. If I read this correctly, they actually want to GIVE us more riding areas. they want comments, so.. comment. # Proposed/Potential OHV Routes on the Mt. Hood National Forest (posted 07/14/2005) The Forest has identified a number of areas that have potential for the development of trail systems. Forest personnel are asking for help in proposing trail routes in these areas, identifying concerns, identifying other areas that might be suitable for OHV trails construction, and in generating volunteer support from organizations interested in working on maintenance and monitoring of use. Comments? Please enter OHV Routes in the Subject portion of the Comment Form http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/mthood/projects/index.shtml#rec J
  10. i love your vids. they make me want to ride. in fact, the sun is out, and I'm the boss.. F... it I'm going riding. ::Thumbs:: J
  11. jaydrz400s2004

    TT Store Well Done!

    Just a quick thanks to the folks at the TT store. I ordered a fuel injection module for my street bike last wednesday afternoon. They price matched (saving me over $40), gave me free shipping and it was on my doorstep on saturday afternoon. J
  12. jaydrz400s2004

    5 Miles of HELL, UT - Helmet Cam Video

    man, i was scared just watching that. especially the spot were you almost went off into the hole. J
  13. jaydrz400s2004

    3x3 mod and mud

    another good tip is if you know it gonna be super muddy (or dusty) cut a scotch brite pad to appropriate size and zip tie it in place (i drilled 2 small holes at the sides of the 3X3 hole so i could secure the zip ties). obviously, this creates a little restriction in the flow but i can't tell a difference. J
  14. jaydrz400s2004

    Vancouver Wa Riders

    PM Sent. J
  15. jaydrz400s2004

    Place to put stuff

    i have mine duct taped inside the headlight cover in a plasctic sleeve i purchased at office max. seems to work. it hasn't gotten wet in 14 months. J
  16. jaydrz400s2004

    DR. Z 400 needs a lil umphh. REGEAR???

    isn't 14/44 the stock gearing? 10guy must mean 14/47 J
  17. jaydrz400s2004

    Beware of synthetic oil.

    = coffee on keyboard thanks, I needed a good laugh this morning J
  18. jaydrz400s2004

    Looking for 25 hour team.

    so my first trip to the ridge was awesome. thanks to 10guy, bronco and bronco's boy for making me feel welcome all that great riding has me looking for a 25 hour team that will have me. i'm 37, riding a drz400 (which did amazingly well on that course btw). not really sure how to evaluate my skill level. somewhere between beginner and intermediate i guess. i'm not the fastest but i have a lot of 24 hour mtb racing experience and am exceptionally fit. i'll finish with very little whining. j
  19. jaydrz400s2004

    Air filter suggestions

    if you ride in a lot of dust you may want to add a pre-filter if you go with the k&n. uni's work well for me. j
  20. jaydrz400s2004

    Broken radiator fan....

    i've been riding without a fan for over a year on my S. i ride tight signle track and have never had it over heat. j
  21. jaydrz400s2004

    Since bronco won't or rather shouldn't have....

    and here i thought the WOT was a "feature" on bronco's bike.
  22. jaydrz400s2004

    RePost - Should I race my DRZ

    I have an 04 S. I have all the required armor (tonns, cfc, unabiker, cycra probends). I've removed the entire rear "street" section as well as the front signals. I'm a newb racer looking at HS and/or Enduro racing. Is there any reason I shouldn't go and do a couple of races on my DR? Thanks, J
  23. jaydrz400s2004

    Starvation Ridge 9/25 - Who's going

    What are you driving/riding Green Tacoma / Blue DRZ I know Bronco, his family, and 10guy are going, anyone else?
  24. jaydrz400s2004

    RePost - Should I race my DRZ

    Thanks guys. I'm gonna do it! I think Eddieville will be my very first off road motorcyle race. Maybe I can get some tips from 10guy and bronco at starvation ridge this weekend Thanks again. J
  25. jaydrz400s2004

    Body protection 101, what to wear?

    I ride alone alot so, I use a Rock Garden FlakJacket. It's similar to the 661 Pressure suit. It has a full spine protector (which I think is important), built in kidney belt, plastic chest plates, shoulders and elbows/foreams. It's hot in the summer, but it hasn't stopped me from riding yet. I've had two get offs wearing it. It works! Both have involved, speed and trees and a soft topped berm I know what a pinball feels like Needless to say, I recommend it. J