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    Your Race Results

    Another Tuesday Night @ Freedom Mx 12-11 With the cool temps upon us, it was moist and tacky all night. There were some fast moto heads, and a good crowd. With all the rain from a few days ago, it made some huge ruts. I rode hard and often, but was struggling with the ruts before the finish. I'm not sure, but it looked and felt like Kelly may have added a few inches of lip to the double/rhythm section after the start. I normally just face it and launch off into the rollers, but I seen a few riders double off into the rollers. I eyeballed it, but thought better of it. If I did attempt it, it would be from the outside where I could casually carry enough speed to get a feel for it. Kelly and crew did a great job considering how much rain they received, thanks to them.

    Your Race Results

    The last 2 Tuesday night practice rides (11-27,12-4) at Freedom Mx on the night track, have been amazing. The track was tacky, great inside ruts, and fluffy mid sections if you like to flat track. Both nights were busy with some very fast riders to choose from for some play action. The later of the two practices, I actually took a few moments in between organized practices, and played with my suspension. Normally, I could careless where it's set, and just ride long and hard as possible. The time I took to make some adjustments, really helped on corners with no ruts and lots of throttle. The adjustments I made stiffened it up quite a bit. I did so in preparation for the amateur race day after Houston Sx. Thanks Kelly and crew for a great place to ride.

    96 Indy 500 won’t rev but stays at idle when throttle is given

    I've tried to think of every slang name for a dirt bike, but not having any luck. What bike is an Indy 500?

    Single-Ring vs. Two-Ring 2-Stroke Pistons: Which One is Better?

    The proceeding view point is loosely based on vague recall and seat of the pants experience; no math or science to back it up. I prefer the 2 ring piston, if for no other reason, the longevity between top ends. My 06 CR250R (single ring) would make about 25-30 hours, where as both of my 13 & 14 250SX's would make about 80 hours before needed top end. Some of this may be due to technology improvements, or simply 2 rings will mask wear for a bit more time. As far as the extra ring drag causing HP loss, I have no numbers to dispute such, but I'm guessing the numbers are negligible, or at least at the amateur lever. Maybe the extra ring seals just a bit better against blow-by, and therefore having a cleaner base for the next incoming air-fuel charge. I raced dirt cars for years before venturing into the world of Mx, and we used and had excellent results with Total Seal rings. I contacted Total Seal about making a total seal ring for a 2-stroke. They said they would look into it if I would send them the cylinder and piston, but I never followed through. I reckon I'm done babbling/meandering, thanks for listening.

    New Dirt Bike Question!

    Suzuki 2-stroke forum.

    Your Race Results

    Practice On Freedom Day And Night Track 11-24 Both tracks were prime, and the facility was packed. Plenty of riders to pick from and have some fun battles. Day track was so tacky, and corners full of deep, boot peeling ruts. Nigel McKee, John Berryman, Greg Nicholson, Brad Cooksey, Dustin Ducete and a plethora of friends and riders to hang and ride with. Night track was fast and fun too. Hats off to Kelly, Misty and Roger, for keeping one of the best non-profit organizations going, around.

    New Dirt Bike Question!

    I have to wonder if that was put on there by an individual. I would also post this in the appropriate Zuk forum for more relevant exposure.

    01 cr250 with newer style plastics

    I installed 09 Honda CRF450R plastic on my 02 Honda CRF450R, and 09 Honda CRF450R plastic on my 06 CR250R. Don't recall exactly what I did, but it was pretty easy. Relocating and oblonging a few holes, and I think a short piece of aluminum flat bars behind either shroud to reach the gas tank holes. I think there is a company that makes later model plastic to fit on older bikes, but I don't recall who. I did find this, and it may lead you to what you're looking for: https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1046/55440/Yamaha-2015-Plastic-Conversion-Kit-


    UFO, Polisport, Cycra, Acerbis, Mxplastic.com, and maybe Moose Racing If you can't find anything for your bike, you could always use spray paint designed for plastic. Another option is to buy a graphics kit that is all black.

    Kawasaki Tank: What bike did it come from.

    This is all I could come up with. Looks like maybe early 80's. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=roSN84qn&id=7BCB8A832D99DB546B736A25235728EBD842D274&thid=OIP.roSN84qnKpXcJ3es3hpt0wHaEl&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fkz900.com%2fdecals%2fkaw%2fimages%2f1976-KX125.jpg&exph=951&expw=1535&q=kawasaki+gas+tanks&simid=608023013724325217&selectedIndex=339&ajaxhist=0


    What year DRZ?

    Your Race Results

    Greg Nicholson's Birthday @ Freedom Mx 11-18 Well Greg survived to the big 60, and he hasn't slowed down a bit. The ole BmtMx gang was there to wish him well wishes, and try to beat him up on the track. We were going to do 60 laps like we did on his 50th Birhtday, but we ran out of time, so everyone just rode. Track was absolutely tacky, rutted, fast, and braking bumps just waiting to jerk the bars out of your hands. On my first out I thought I had a flat, but went in and changed suspension settings, and went back out for a non-stop 1.5 hour moto. Then the rains came, but it was still good. Happy Birthday Greg.

    Transmission Oil

    A.T.F = Automatic Transmission Fluid. I've heard of Motorex, but not familiar with it.