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    Husqvarna te250 electric start issue

    The starter system is not that complicated, but you would need a basic understanding of what you're looking at to diagnose it. A wiring diagram would be helpful, but you would need to be able to read it too. You could also ask around in your circle of riding friends if any one could help you figure out the problem, and you can do the work yourself. And yes, do post this in the appropriate forum for extra exposure.
  2. Making the bike(s) hard to steal is fine, but $100.00 a year for insurance removes a lot of stress. Something I do on my trailer when left at a track, and I'm back at the motel, is remove the lug nuts off of one wheel. They aren't likely going to notice they are gone. They won't get very far when the wheel comes off, and they will panic.

    The Orange War

    Hopefully he's ignoring all of our opinions and advice, and racing because he still likes it.

    CRF250R motor not starting

    If you have air, fuel, spark, timing, and compression, it should start. Did the engine run before it was rebuilt? Timing marks can fool you sometimes, even looking at them from a slight angle they can be off a tooth. I've seen spark plugs make spark outside the combustion chamber, but once back in place with compression and fuel, (resistance) it may not spark.

    Your Race Results

    Final Rd. EMX @ Cycle Ranch 9-30-18 If there was ever a weekend of racing that I was sure would have never happened, it was this one. It has been raining for 2 months with a lot of rain outs, and this weekend was looking like it was going to be another victim of S.E. Texas weather. The weekend forecast was calling for 40-100 % rain all along the Gulf Coast, and even then those numbers were constantly changing, and changed with different weather agency's. Saturday morning loading up, it was light but steady rain, but I reluctantly kept loading the wagon. It rained all the way from Beaumont, to the West side of Houston. There was a patch of this shinny thing in the sky for a bit, but the rains came back, and never let up all the way to Floresville. Me and my wife went straight to the motel on the main drag, and unloaded half her stuff from home, for a one night stay 😵 . I made a drifting e-brake u-turn, and headed to the track. When I rolled in, there were bikes on the track as well as several large lakes to navigate through, and or around. As I went up the hill to set up camp near the moto shack, I noticed that my truck had some pretty good traction. That gave me a glimmer of hope. I set up camp, and got suited up. Performed a final check of fuel, tire pressure, fork pressure, and a final slathering of the chain. As I eased onto the track, I immediately noticed it wasn't as slick as I anticipated. There was quite a bit of traction, as there was a lot of sand on the track. There areas that were heavily ridden was where most of the slick spots were. The areas with less tire tracks, had the best traction. So as I'm cruising around staying in pristine areas, I decided to ski my way across on of the lakes just for a change of scenery. As I went through one, it turns out it was very heavy, dense, and absolutely smooth underneath the surface. So I started hitting everyone I came upon. Then I noticed each time I came around to them again, the sand underneath was smooth and dense with no ruts from the previous pass. It was like when the surf rolls in and your foot print is gone. That gave me some ideas on line choices for race day. I drifted and pounded out some long motos that day, then me and the bike hit the showers. Back at the motel, I watched the weather forecast, and it was changing constantly. I figured this was still going to be a wash, or even if it did happen, it would be a low turn out. Me and Teresa hit a few eateries along the main drag, and then went to H.E.B. for race day goodies. Race day the weather was threating all around, but it wasn't raining. We eased on down to the track and I dropped her off at the scoring tower for a calm, relaxing, and enjoyable day with Clement [:))] . I went out for practice with the 250's/450's, and then a Vet practice. The track was actually pretty darn good. There was a lot of traction to be found. During my first practice out, I was able to get a run at the big leaning/turning double while the face was still firm and fresh. After a couple of laps I came around with the caution waving, and the was a kid laid out on the downside with a broken femur and out cold. Of course I let that get it my head and didn't not clear it for the remainder of the my practices. I think I was first moto of the day which was the 50 Open. We were gated I think with the 25+ and another class that I don't recall. I lined up like I usually do on the far outside so I can flat-track. I never bother with gate prep, because even with a perfect gate prep, If you're not careful, you'll still leave the gate sideways. When the gate dropped, I eased off the clutch for a good jump, and when the back tire hit the dirt, I absolutely stretch the throttle cable, and let the excessively high revving 350 breathe. I think I was 3rd overall on the start, and 2nd in my class. I fell in behind Todd Hewitt and stayed close. I think I passed him at the bottom of the first drop off, or at the top of the first catchers mitt. Regardless of where the transaction took place, I though to myself, "I got this". But he stayed close and waited for a mistake, and yes, the mistake came. I stalled, in a corner, but don't recall where. Regardless, he made his move back to first. I got started and came charging back to him, and made the exchange for position again, and once again he stayed close, and I stalled again. He went on for the W. Next was the 1st moto of the 55 Open. We were gated with others, but don't recall who. Again I lined up on the outside. Gate dropped, and I had a great start again. I let the 350 squeal, and squeal it does. I believe I was 2nd on the start behind Mike Maley #322. I did managed to get around him, but he was jumping the big double and I was not. Some jumps you don't loose too much time if you don't clear them completely. But this is a high speed forward jump, and you loose a lot of time. When he came to the double I rolled it, and he launched it and got back in front. It took a lap to catch back up, just to loose it again on that double. I caught back up at the finish with the checker waving, I headed for the lake at the base of the finish, and skid my way for a close W. Next was the 2nd moto of the 50 Open. Found my outside gate, and waited on the starter guy to point us down, and drop the gate. Gate dropped and I had a decent start, but there were 2 of the 25+ riders, that wanted their hole-shots too. I let the 350 breather a little longer than normal, and barely eeked into a 2nd overall on the start, and 2nd behind Todd Hewitt. I caught up to Todd, and I think I crowded him on the drop off ledge after the second catchers mitt for the lead. But I knew to keep him at bay, I was going to have to clear the big double. I have cleared it plenty of times before, and by this time of the day with it been sunny and clear, the face of it was drying up nicely. So I landed the table before it, rolled on throttle, and compressed on the face. It's a jump that's not to bad if you over jump, but you don't want to come up short. By clearing that jump, I was able to get 1st for a 1st overall. My last moto for the day: 2nd moto 55 Open. I took my lucky outside gate, and pondered while waiting for the gate drop. The suns been out all day, and the track was drying up nicely, and I was recalling all the good lines out there. The gate drop finally came, and I had an epic start. I was 2nd overall behind one of the 40+ riders, but 1st in my class.....or so I thought. Just as I though I had the hole-shot, here comes Mike Maley on the inside for the hole-shot. I fell in behind and it was on. He was riding good, but I did what I always do when I'm not quite focused and charging hard without thinking. I took a 5 minute drool in my lawn chair, and it made all the difference. I was right on him, just waiting for a mistake or a clean pass. As we came to the big double, a rider checked up in front of Mike, and he had to check up too. That's all it took, I rolled it on, moved over to the left and made the pass. I knew I had the focus and speed to keep him in check. With the checker waving and one corner to go, I remember I started talking to myself about staying calm and cool, and not making a mistake. That never goes or ends well. As I was going around the last corner, my front tire decided to slide out without my permission. I hit the deck pretty hard, but immediately jumped up. As I'm hitting the magic e-button, he's close enough to motor on by for the W. But he was kind enough to look over at me and make sure I was vertical lol. I garnered a 2nd for a 2nd overall. Afterwards I went over a chatted with him. We both were pleased with our rides, but both enjoyed the battle even more. For a race that I figured would have never materialized, it ended up being clear, sunny and a fairly cool day, and the track was as good as its ever been. I found myself mostly just riding fast because it was fun. I camped all day with Mark Snapp. He is never boring, and has stories to tell. He took a hit to one of his knees, and it looked like a beehive. He had a good and fun day too. I also took 1st place in both of my classes for the championship year. ☕

    Your Race Results

    Thursday Night Practice @ Freedom Mx 9-6 It wasn't that hot, but the humidity was high. Me, Ronnie Hollier, and John Berryman put in some good laps. Thurman and Shaw were there showing all how to ride MX. Track was fast and good dirt.

    Dirt bike make and model???

    The 10th digit of the V.I.N. sure would be helpful.

    Dirt bike make and model???

    I found this, and on the second page, a member mentions the amAco being a Chinese knock off.

    Dirt bike make and model???

    Maybe it was the beginning of Chinese knock offs.

    Dirt bike make and model???

    I found several bikes on Google images that were for sale on a site called: 'Offer Up', but no site attached to the pictures to find out any info on the bike. One of the pictures had a heading that said: "250 enduro bike with amAco engine."

    Do you need all three oil filter cover screws?

    The o-ring does all the sealing, the bolts just keep it from sliding out. 2 will hold it, but go ahead and pursue a proper repair when you can.

    2001 yz 125 problems

    Sounds like the pilot jet is clean because it will idle. Check the main jet and make sure it is clean too. Also, I had one of my Hondas beak the c-clip that sets the height of the metering rod. The c-clip, broke and the metering rod dropped all the way into the main jet. It idled perfect, but you could not give it any throttle or it would die.

    3rd gear noise? 2017 SXF-450 EU

    He could get some one at the track that is seasoned/experienced with bikes to listen and or ride it. They would recognize chain slap, detonation, or gear noise immediately.

    3rd gear noise? 2017 SXF-450 EU

    Wonder if his speed and rpm's are low enough in 3rd, and it's chain slap?

    1993 rm125 clutch problems

    Not familiar with Suzuki, but the first picture (if it's in the released position) looks like it's starting out to far passed center; you'll loose some of your leverage. I would move the lever just to the left of perpendicular center. It's a spline shaft, so you should be able to get a good leverage position. Of course try the cable first.