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    Road use WR450F

    Yeap. The WR is street legal as are the majority of thumpers down here however I was wondering how well it would handle road use as (being use to road bikes)I'm not too sure when to service one (Can you do it every 2500KMs?) or how well it's suited to road use. Yammie does have a factory motard kit available but things like radiator fans and that aren't available.
  2. JustAL

    Road use WR450F

    Hey Brett, Sweet. I'm in Carnegie...currently doing up a mate's VFR800 that I decked on the weekend which wasn't so bad. Came out looking good. Then I moved it out of the garage this morning to get the car out and it fell off the side stand. Broken clutch lever, scratched left fairings. I feel like such a sorry prick at the moment How much was the WR when you got it? I'm thinking of building something too. Yet to decide though. Cheers Al
  3. JustAL

    Road use WR450F

    LMAO....it's good to see things never change. I grew up in Singapore and keep getting asked the same questions. I don't think I know that Claire. When I first read through it, I saw "Claire" and "26" and thought, "DAMN, I do know her!" She doesn't look like Kate though. A stunner but not Kate. Thanks for the sites....I've got something to look for, here at work now. Cheers
  4. JustAL

    Road use WR450F

    Hey folks, Lookie! First post. I'm interested in a WR450F with it's main intention being tarmac use with the odd jaunt up into the bush. Questions I have though are, How often will I be required to service it? Is there a workshop manual available online for download? Are there any tanks larger than 15L available? How well do the tail tanks stack up....would you recommend them? Are there, (Ahem) pillion pegs available? Reason I ask this is that I'd be looking to occasionally ferry the odd person around. I don't think I'd have too many takers after the first time they try to pick the seat from their wedgie. Any links to companies that provide mods (Motard bits and pieces, tanks and such) would be greatly appreciated. I've just run a search and DARN! I'm overwhelmed! LOL Thanks very much for all your help guys!